Week 12 Day 2 Discussion Question 3

Chanel Miller’s story is part of a broader feminist narrative about rape culture and the power of survivors’ voices. Her story follows countless others that emerged in the context of #MeToo, and her courage recalls that of Christine Blasey Ford, who testified during Supreme Court confirmation hearings about the assault she endured by Brett Kavanaugh. Ford paid tribute to Miller when the latter was honored as one of Time Magazine’s “The Next 100” in 2019, as the image and text below suggest. Read hristine Blasey Ford’s tribute and discuss below.

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  • May 4, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    It is evident that Chanel Miller’s courage and willingness to share her story has had an impact on women everywhere who had been burdened by similar traumatic experiences. Her willingness to testify in court against the man who sexually assaulted her not only shows her bravery, but it gave her a voice; and in turn gave women everywhere a voice. In the “Why Chanel Miller Decided to Come Forward and Write Her Story” YouTube video, Chanel reads a few of the letters that were sent to her. These women say how Chanel’s willingness and ability to share her experience gave them the courage necessary to no longer be afraid to find their own voice. Christine Blasey Ford conveys this impact perfectly in her touching tribute to Chanel Miller. She ends the note by writing, “Chanel, we are with you. Thank you.” This idea of this concluding message, togetherness, is the motor behind the #MeToo movement. Chanel Miller says that seeing the #MeToo movement in effect is what gave her the courage to finally reveal her identity, which in turn gave courage to countless other women to share their own stories.

  • May 3, 2022 at 11:17 pm

    It’s clear that Chanel’s story paired with her determination to spread awareness as well as her honesty has had a positive change on the lives of those who have been victims of sexual violence and assault. Simply by looking at the comment section of both of the Youtube videos that were assigned as part of the reading material, it is clear that Chanel’s voice has empowered others and allowed them to be seen and for their stories to be recognized. Certain commenters mentioned on how they no longer felt alone and felt that Chanel’s voice had inspired them to embrace their own and acknowledge their own personal attacks. Reading the words of Christine Ford as well as Chanel’s own accounts, it’s clear that Chanel chooses to use this dark and painful chapter in her history to empower others. Courage is the perfect word to describe Chanel, especially considering she choose to testify against Brock Turner in his presence and essentially show the world that she would not let the unspeakable and disgusting acts of one man define her or the society that she expects the world to be.

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