2 thoughts on “Week 9 Day 1 – pick a passage

  • March 29, 2022 at 12:13 pm

    “As a disabled woman, my right to decide who touches me is constantly ignored. I feel like public property and it’s exhausting.”

    This quote from Amy Kavanagh’s article “As A Disabled Woman, I’m Harassed on the Street Daily – Where’s My #MeToo Movement?” really stuck out to me and resonated with me. Disabled women are so dismissed in our society today. Personally, I have not thought in depth about how disabled women are just assumed to always need help and people feel as though they can take control over them at any time. That is so terrifying and needs to be addressed more. People treat them as helpless creatures, but in some cases, not all, they are fully self-sufficient and can do almost everything on their own. People, especially men, want to assume their stereotypical dominant roles and treat these disabled women as their inferiors that they can care for and take care of and almost have power over. Kavanagh goes on to talk about how “disabled women have been almost entirely excluded from movements like #MeToo and Everyday Sexism” because people “simply can’t imagine that female wheelchair users get catcalled or blind women get groped on trains. Disabled women are often seen and represented as sexless, undesirable and innocent. This actively encourages the belief that disabled women are vulnerable and powerless.” This passage perfectly explains how disabled women are forgotten about and not seen as sexual beings, but just creatures that are helpless and need a man to care for them no matter what. This article was really eye-opening and disturbing.

  • March 29, 2022 at 11:29 am

    The Teen Vogue article, “I’m Disabled and I Get Sexually Harassed — Here’s Why That Matters” was a striking reading that resonated with me. In particular, the passage, “Another time, I was interviewing a source outside when a stranger came over and started commenting on our “fine asses.” He wouldn’t leave. When I tried to ask for help, a nearby police officer shrugged and said, “Oh, he’s just being annoying.” I yelled at the NYPD: “He is sexually harassing us.” I wanted to add, Don’t you get it? But clearly, he didn’t” was one that I felt deeply connected to. This passage highlights how women are inferior to men, even men in the position to help or relieve any harassment cases. The police officer instead of recognizing and understanding that Wendy Lu was being sexually harassed, just took the easy way out and claimed the man was just being annoying. Here, the police officer ignore the emotions and the repercussions that this man’s actions has on Wendy and her friends. Without the help of the police officer, Wendy’s emotions and mental well-being are further hampered. This passage really made me consider that if I were in Wendy’s position would I even address this problem to a police officer given the careless response the NYPD officer had to Wendy. Would I be further invalidated?

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