One thought on “Week 11 Day 2 Discussion Question 2

  • April 27, 2022 at 1:46 pm

    #HillaryForPrison refers to the mock campaign slogan that advocated sending Hillary to prison because of her private email server. This one invoked a characterization of women as duplicitous and received lots of misogynistic hate speech, most notably “Lock the bitch up.” #RepealThe19th is, as Carlson puts it, a “vitriolic expression directed at women” that suggests that women should have their right to vote revoked. #NeverHillary was a GOP tagline that alleges Hillary as unfit for presidential office. I’m not totally clear on the meaning of #Billary but if I had to guess, I would think it was potentially an attempt to remind people of Bill’s affair and their publically turbulent marriage that rendered her “too weak” to leave him. Also, that could be their way of expressing a notion of political careerist dependence and a linkage of nepotism, disqualifying her from fitness for office again or maybe the couple as a united front of liberal establishment corruption.

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