Week 10 Day 2 Discussion Question 4

In “Is Transmisogyny Killing Trans Women of Color? Black Trans Feminisms and the Exigencies of White Femininity,” Elías Cosenza Krell cites the work of Alok Vaid-Menon:

Alok Vaid-Menon (2014), a trans femme of color artivist, has articulated the racialization of transmisogyny as an ontological phenomenon. They define transmisogyny as the “policing of femininity on bodies it is understood to not belong to” and insist that all people of color experience transmisogyny. In so doing, Vaid-Menon offers us a definition of transmisogyny that melds trans feminism to antiracism. (Krell, 237)

Are you persuaded by Vaid-Menon’s and Krell’s assertion that “all people of color experience transmisogyny”?  Why or why not?

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