Week 3 Day 1 Discussion Question 2

For our first unit of the course, we used Freudian concepts of gender difference to frame our study of misogyny.  Now that we have moved on to second-wave feminism, we will use feminist approaches to misogyny as exemplified by Dworkin’s essay.  How does Dworkin (and/or other writers whose work we read for today) define misogyny?  How is her (or their) explanation of gender difference distinct from Freud’s?

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  • February 22, 2022 at 5:29 pm

    Similar to what Liv mentioned earlier, Freud states that women are inferior from a biological stand-point and thus they are envious of male genitalia. Freud speaks more to the parental relationships as well, and states that women, specifically mother’s, are too blame or at least, are blamed, for the outcome of their children. Dworkin, and many other writers, define misogyny as having its root in hatred. This hatred can range from anger towards women for sharing the same rights and freedom, towards anger as a result of sexual frustration. Misogyny, according to this definition, involves protecting the systems that were meant to oppress women – whether that is choosing to blame the victim and side the oppressor during acts of sexual violence, or choose to deny the right for women to have the ability to voice their opinions and speak freely. Second wave feminism aims to challenge stereotypes and traditional gender roles, while placing emphasis on equality and protection for women, their privacy and their bodies.

  • February 22, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    Dworkins essay breaks the word misogyny down to its roots and defines it has hate towards women. Dworkin pulls the acts of hatred and violence towards women more into their definition of misogyny whereas freud more speaks to a mans supposed superiority to a female in way of penis envy. Freud believes the man species is superior to females because of their genitalia whereas Dworkin speaks to the acts of hatred towards women more. It is interesting where Dworkin’s essay provides more knowledge of the victims and how they were never seen as victims, while Freud never makes females sound like they were victims but more so just simply inferior.

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