The new website is now live and functioning!  This has been due to the amazing effort of the web strategy team and they deserve all of your praise and appreciation.  Please give them an extra smile…

There are a few things to know about the ramifications of a new website:

  • URLs have changed.  They should now make more sense, but please update any mailings or emails in which you use URLs to make sure they are the latest and greatest.
  • Some people might still see the old site and that’s normal.  The web is a tricky thing and it may take up to two weeks for the new site to be everywhere.
  • The website is not “done”.  It never will be.  We need to keep working on it and making it better, adding stories and enhancing the information that we already have.
  • There will be mistakes in the site – many mistakes are actually also on our old site, but we need everyone’s help to keep the site updated and correct – no one person can catch everything and misspellings happen to the best of us.

If you find any mistakes, please send them to the appropriate strategy team member.

About: Jason Warburg or Anne-Marie Steiger
Admissions: Rob Horgan
Academics: Nina Dutra (GSIPM), Angie Quesenberry (GSTILE), Patricia Szasz (ESL), Alicia Brent (SILP,CLS)
Community: Gail Lu
Careers: Jen Hambleton
Giving: Linae Ishii-Devine
Offices & Services: Lynn McDonald
Language Pages: Lynn McDonald
MIIS around the World Stories: Rebecca Walters
Constituency Pages: Kristen Byers
Homepage & General Tech: Kristen Byers & Lynn McDonald

Before sending these folks the mistakes, make sure you’ve included at least one compliment – they have worked hard on the site and need to know the good as well and what should change.

Middlebury is also hard at work redesigning their website.  Our website will continue to improve as more tools are implemented for both schools.  Things coming down the line are additional functionality for course descriptions/schedules, customizable pages for our community, and Banner connection to profiles.  We will let you know when we know more.  For more information on the website redesign for both schools, visit the website redesign blog.


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