The recipient of the Fourth Annual Leslie
Eliason Excellence in Teaching Award is Professor Laura Burian.  Professor
Burian has a record of excellence in teaching and an ongoing, inspiring
commitment to providing our students the highest quality education
possible.  She has a wonderful rapport with her colleagues and students,
an exceptional teaching record that reflects her ability to provide an
excellent learning experience to our students, and an intensive commitment
to the Institute’s mission.

As a professor dedicated to her students and to delivering quality
education, Professor Burian embodies much of what Professor Eliason also
dedicated her teaching efforts towards.  Leslie Eliason was a strong
woman, dynamic and passionate about her chosen profession of teaching.
She pursued her responsibilities as a teacher and mentor with great warmth
and care for her students and colleagues, reflecting her intelligence,
integrity, good humore, and commitment to quality in all of her endeavors.
Professor Burian has a similar thoroughness in her role as teacher,
colleague, mentor and advisor.  As was true for Professor Eliason,
Professor Burian is interested in building the capacities of her students,
in helping them and the Institute reach their greatest potential, and in
working collaboratively with her colleagues to achieve their goals.  There
is no question that Professor Burian reflects the qualities Professor
Eliason valued the most — hard work, intense and at times passionate
commitment to students and sound academic programming, and good colleagial
interactions and collaborations.  Her commitment to excellence both inside
and outside of the classroom is greatly appreciated and valued.

Congratulations to Professor Burian — we will celebrate her selection on
April 21st during the “quiet hours” at lunchtime in the Samson Center
Reading Room.  More details will follow about this celebration.

Thanks to all of you who nominated faculty for this award and helped in
the selection process.

–Provost Sands


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