We are pleased to announce the formation of the new Staff Advisory Team. We’re very fortunate to have a group of volunteers who represent several different departments at the Institute, and bring diverse backgrounds, perspective, interests and skills to the important work of ensuring that issues of concern to Institute staff are articulated.  They are:

Kenley Butler, JMCNS
Rachel Christopherson, GSTI
Trinidad Gomez, ITS
Gail Lu, Student Affairs
Devin Luedekke, Recruiting
Raphael Ochoa, Financial Aid
Edy Rhodes, current GSIPS Career Development Officer, future Advising Staff

Thanks to the ad hoc staff group that has been working for the past several months to develop alternative frameworks for staff organization, and to carry out the process of vetting these frameworks  and implementing  the one favored by the majority of the staff:

Karen Weiss, Dean’s Assistant GSTI
Priscilla Lorenzo, Office Services Coordinator
Toni Thomas, MBA Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator
Lynn McDonald, Postgraduate Fellow in Organizational Development
Susan Wolfe, Manager of Foundation and Corporate Relations
Erika Johnson, Acquisitions Librarian
Kenley Butler, CNS Senior Project Manager, Executive Officer

Once the new team members have had an initial meeting, they will call an all-staff meeting to develop ideas for the agenda for the coming months.


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