After deliberation and consultation with President Sunder Ramaswamy, Provost Amy Sands, and faculty members, the deans are pleased to announce additional information regarding the structure of the two new schools and the Office of Advising, Career, and Student Services, including key staff and faculty appointments.  They are excited about the leadership teams they have put together and look forward to working with them and all of you to achieve our goals of academic excellence, enhanced faculty collaboration and innovation, and new student learning and career opportunities.

Graduate School of International Policy and Management

On June 1, 2009, The Graduate School of International Policy Studies and the Fisher Graduate School of International Business will officially combine to become the Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM). The new School will consist of four programs:

The Program in Public Administration in International Management (MPA)
The Program in International Policy Studies (MAIPS)
The Program in International Environmental Policy (MAIEP)
The Fisher Program in International Business (MBA)

The Program Chair of Public Administration in International Management will be Dr. Beryl Levinger. Dr. Levinger is Distinguished Professor of Nonprofit Management at the Monterey Institute where she also serves as Academic Director of the Development Project Management Institute (DPMI). She has had a distinguished career in international NGOs: President of AFS Intercultural Programs; Senior Vice President of CARE; Vice Chair and Co-founder of InterAction; and Senior Adviser to President of Save the Children. She has served on a number of prestigious expert groups, written extensively on capacity building and development for nonprofit organizations, and worked in nearly 80 countries as a Peace Corps Volunteer, trainer, facilitator, or presenter at development assistance meetings. Dr. Levinger received her MA and Ph.D. in educational planning and administration from the University of Alabama and her undergraduate degree in social sciences from Cornell University.

The Program Chair of International Policy Studies will be Dr. Fernando De Paolis. Dr. De Paolis is an Associate Professor specializing in research methods, data analysis, quantitative policy analysis, regional economics, development economics, and geographic information systems. He has also served as Assistant Dean of GSIPS, as a senior research consultant with the UCLA North American Integration and Development Center, and as a consultant for state and national governments, international organizations, and the private sector. He received his Ph.D. in urban planning from University of California, Los Angeles; Master’s in Urban Planning as a Fulbright Scholar from the University of Kansas; and Professional Degree in Architecture – Summa Cum Laude from National University of San Juan, Argentina.

The Program Chair of International Environmental Policy will be Dr. Jason Scorse.  Dr. Scorse has been on the Monterey Institute faculty as Assistant Professor since completion of his Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics at University of California at Berkeley. He teaches courses in environmental and natural resource economics and sustainable development. He has also served as Coordinator of the International Environment Policy Program since 2007. Dr. Scorse is currently the Lead Non-Market Economist for the National Ocean Economics Program and has consulted for major environmental organizations and published in leading journals. He recently completed a book manuscript entitled What Environmentalists Need to Know about Economics.

The Program Chair of the Fisher Program in International Business will be announced soon.

The several non-degree GSIPM activities and programs — including DPMI, CLP, IPSS, CEAS, MonTREP, and the GLOBE Center — will continue to report directly to the dean and will be grouped together under “Special Programs.” I expect to identify the synergies between some of these programs and, where appropriate, strengthen opportunities for expansion and collaboration.

The GSIPM organization will also have an Assistant Dean and a Dean’s Assistant. It is my great pleasure to announce that Toni Thomas has agreed to take on the role of Assistant Dean, and that Nina Dutra has agreed to take on the role of Dean’s Assistant.

Ms. Thomas has been the Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator for the Fisher Graduate School of International Business since Fall 2001. In addition to advising MBA candidates on academic requirements, her current role encompasses managing the data compilation and submission for surveys, rankings, and AACSB accreditation, coordinating curriculum development with the Dean and faculty, and dealing with marketing activities for both the degree and non-degree programs.

Ms. Dutra brings a wealth of experience in education, international development and women’s rights. Over the course of her career she has worked and traveled in Eritrea, the Swahili Coast and India. In 2007, Ms. Dutra received her Master’s degree in Social Anthropology of Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. While in London, she established and directed a nonprofit society teaching yoga and meditation courses to over 250 students.

With this excellent team of professionals, I am confident that the business of GSIPM is in good hands and that we are a significant step closer to realizing our shared vision for the new School and the Institute. I am simply thrilled to be part of this team.

— Yuwei Shi

Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education

On June 1, 2009, the Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation and the Graduate School of Language and Educational Linguistics will officially combine to become the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education (GSTILE). The new school will be organized around its degree and language studies programs:

The Program in Language Studies
The Program in Translation and Interpretation (MATI)
The Program in Conference Interpretation (CI)
The Program in Translation and Localization Management (MAT/MATLM)

I am very enthusiastic about the faculty who have agreed to serve as GSTILE Program Chairs.  Each of these individuals has a record of demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm for their respective programs, and successful collaboration both within and across programs.

The Program Chair of Language Studies will be Naoko Matsuo.  Naoko is a graduate of the TESOL program at MIIS and has been a faculty member in the Graduate School of Language and Educational Linguistics since 1995.  She has taught all levels of Japanese, from complete beginning to highly-advanced content courses. She has participated in a number of Monterey Model courses, collaborating with colleagues in language studies, international policy studies, and translation and interpretation.  She has served as the head of the Japanese Studies program since 1998, and has been involved with summer and winter intensive language programs and numerous custom language programs.

The Program Chair of TESOL/TFL will be Dr. Lynn Goldstein.  Lynn has been a faculty member at the Institute since 1986.  During this time, she has served as the founder and program head of the EAPP, Campus Writing, and EAPP Bridge programs, and has been an active participant in numerous TESOL initiatives and campus faculty committees. Her areas of expertise include sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, applied linguistics research, second language writing, second language writing assessment, second language writing program administration, and English language structure and discourse.  She has been an active participant in the Monterey Way/Academic Excellence process, and is currently teaching a Monterey Way course entitled “Intercultural Communication in Multilingual/Multicultural Settings” for students from the IPS, IM, and T&I programs.

The Program Chair of Translation and Interpretation will be Dr. Kayoko Takeda.  Kayoko received an MA in Translation and Interpretation from MIIS and a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies from Universitat Rovira i Virgili. She has been with the Institute as a faculty member for 12 years, and currently teaches interpreting research and English-Japanese interpreting courses. As a freelance interpreter, she primarily works in the areas of international conferences, corporate litigation, and investor relations. She has organized two internationally-attended Monterey Forums for Translation and Interpretation, the most recent of which will be taking place at the beginning of April.

The Program Chair of Conference Interpretation will be Barry Slaughter Olsen.  Barry received his B.A. in Translation from Brigham Young University, and his M.A. in Conference Interpretation at the Monterey Institute.  He has been working as a conference interpreter and translator since 1993. Before joining the faculty at MIIS, he was Translator in Residence at American University in Washington, D.C. He has taught numerous courses on simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in the United States and Latin America. His clients include the U.S. State Department, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Organization of American States (OAS), National Geographic Society, C-SPAN Television, and other public and private sector clients.

The Program Chair of Translation and Localization Management is the subject of a current search and will be announced soon.  The Chair of this program will play an important role in helping both to articulate and to meet the growing professional needs for individuals with TLM experience.

The directors of the non-degree programs in GSTILE, which include Alicia Brent and Diane Williams in Intensive Language Studies (CLS, SILP, WILP), Patricia Szasz in Intensive English Studies, and Rachel Christopherson with Translation & Interpretation programs, will continue to report directly to the Dean. We are eager to explore ways of enhancing our short-term program offerings as we reach out to an expansive international community.

I am pleased to announce that Angie Quesenberry will be the Dean’s Assistant for GSTILE.  Angie has been working with the Language Studies and TESOL/TFL faculty since 2002.  She has also worked substantially with non-degree programs, and brings much experience to her new position.  Angie’s role as Language Requirement Coordinator will also make her a valuable liaison to the new Academic, Careers, and Student Services Center.

I am very excited to be working with such a distinguished and capable team as we continue to grow and enhance the excellent translation, interpretation, and language education programs here at MIIS.

— Renee Jourdenais

Office of Advising, Career, and Student Services

The substructure for the Office of Advising, Career, and Student Services includes three offices that, while separate, will link a student’s experience from his admission to her first job upon graduation in a seamless fashion — specifically, Records, Office of Student Services, and the new Center for Advising and Career Services.  There will be no changes in the personnel staffing of the first two of these organizations, but the Center is an entirely new entity that will rely on the expertise of several staff already working on academic advising, scheduling, and career services.

Specifically, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Sabrina Atwater, Jen Hambleton,  Edy Rhodes, Jennifer Tuman, Nathan Westrup, and Jeff Wood will be moving over to the Center as soon as our new space is ready for occupancy. Janet Lyon will also be a part of the team but will initially share her time between GSIPS/GSIPM and the Center.  Each person was selected based upon their area of expertise, overall experience, and their ability to deliver the highest level of advising to all Institute students.

There is currently a search underway for a new MBA Career Advisor who, once onboard, will also move into the Center.  Last but not least, at some point over the summer, Jacolyn Harmer will begin a part-time advising role in the Center.

Please join me in welcoming this new team to the Center. We are all looking forward to getting the Center up and running at the earliest possible date so that we can better serve the Institute-wide student community

— Tate Miller


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