On September 22, Dean Ed Laurance announced the first major curriculum revision for international policy programs since 2001. There will be three international policy degrees:

MA in International Policy Studies (MAIPS)
MA in International Environmental Policy (MAIEP)
MPA in International Management (MPA/IM)

The MA in International Trade Policy has been integrated into the MAIPS as one of three tracks: International Trade, International Development and International Security.

Other key features of the new curriculum are: optional focus areas within each track, individualized study plans, a portfolio process that demonstrates the acquisition of core competencies, and an exit evaluation.

Based on a year long review, this streamlining of policy programs is not directly related to the reorganization at the school level announced a week ago, but is consistent with the aims of the reorganization. Laurance notes, “The addition of the MBA program to the MAIEP, MPA and the three tracks of the MAIPS will only further the direction of these changes in the [IPS] curriculum, creating even more opportunities for the student to shape his/her program into one that creates the optimum opportunity for job placement upon graduation.”

Read the full text of the curriculum revision announcement.


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