Welcome to MiddTube. There are two steps required for posting media to MiddTube. First you must upload the video to a streaming media service. We recommend using Middlebury’s MiddMedia server, but you could also use YouTube, Google Video or another service (see the list for more options). Once your media is uploaded to a streaming service it can be posted to MiddTube so you can share it with the Middlebury College community.

To upload a video you should upload a Video to a Streaming Service like MiddMedia:
I) To Upload a Video to MiddMedia Follow these instructions:

Access the MiddMedia dialog

  1. go to Admin Page
  2. click Write
  3. choose Posts
  4. Begin editing a MiddTube post.
  5. Click the Add Media starburst in the upper-right corner of the editing window.
  6. Click the MiddMedia tab in the frame that opens.

Uploading Media

  1. In the Upload Media section, select the Directory from the drop down dialog you will upload to.
  2. Click the Browse button and locate the media to upload on your computer.
  3. Click the Upload File button.

Note: Your file is first uploaded to the WordPress server, which then uploads the file to the MiddMedia server. For large files, this process can take a long time since we’re uploading it twice! If you’re uploading a large video file or many files, we recommend using the MiddMedia service directly.

II)Embed the Video in a MiddTube Post

Including Media in your MiddTube Post

  1. go to Admin Page
  2. click Write
  3. choose Posts
  4. Open a MiddTube post or create a new one.
  5. In the Insert Media section, select the Directory from the drop down dialog you want to view files from.
  6. Click Show Files
  7. Click the Use button to the left of the file you want to include in your content.

This will add a line to your post or page resembling “middmedia username directory filename.ext” in between two “[ ]” characters. When the post is displayed to someone reading your blog, the WordPress server will use this information to contact the MiddMedia server and fetch the video information. You can edit this information manually if you like, or delete the line from your post to remove the video.

Make sure to also:

  1. Give the post a title
  2. Add a text blurb about the media you posted
  3. If you want the post to be viewable by rating and views it must be put in the Video category. – This is done by scrolling down and clicking the video checkbox. Above this section you press the + sign to add a tag the video.
  4. Now Press save in the right hand column and then publish.

Your media is now posted to MiddTube

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