Performing Arts Series History: 95 years

MiddPAS-profile2012In the 95 years since the creation of the college’s “Entertainment Program” in 1919, we have seen many of the world’s greatest artists perform on the Middlebury campus. Here is a chronological listing of those performances, or you can jump to a specific decade using the links below:

1919-1929 | 1929-1939 | 1939-1949 | 1949-1959 | 1959-1969
1969-1979 | 1979-1989 | 1989-1999 | 1999-2009 | 2009-2014


1919-Olive Kline, soprano

1919–1920 – Entertainment Program (lecture and entertainment course)
10/08/1919  Thomas Wilfred, performer (dramatic interpretation of ancient songs and ballads)
10/15/1919  Ernest Harold Baynes, illustrated lecture, “The Use of Animals in Modern Warfare”
11/12/1919  William Webster Ellsworth, lecture, “All the Monthly Magazines”
11/19/1919  Joseph C. Lincoln, lecture, “Cape Cod Stories”
12/03/1919  S.K. Ratcliffe, lecture (English journalist)
12/17/1919  Professor William Lyon Phelps, lecture, “The Novel of Today”
01/07/1920  Berkshire String Quartet; Miss Olive Kline, soprano
01/21/1920  Miss Agnes Futterer, drama recital
02/11/1920  John Kendrick Bangs, lecture, “America Abroad” (author and poet)
02/25/1920  Cecil Wright, baritone; E. Harold Gear, organ
03/17/1920  Professor Richard Burton, lecture, “The Drama of Today”


1921-Flonzaley Quartet

1920–1921 – Entertainment Program  
11/01/1920  New York Philharmonic Orchestra
12/01/1920  Guy Maier and Lee Pattison, piano duo
12/15/1920  Stephen Leacock, lecture (noted humorist)
01/11/1921  Reinald Werrenrath, baritone
02/25/1921  Flonzaley Quartet

1921–1922- Entertainment Program
10/31/1921  Honorary William Jennings Bryan, lecture
12/14/1921  Boston Symphony
01/11/1922  Pablo Casals, cello
02/09/1922  Madame Hulda Lashanska, soprano
03/28/1922  J. Stitt Wilson, lecture, “The Master Principle of History”
04/19/1922  New York Chamber Music Society


1922-Pablo Casals, cello

1922–1923 – Entertainment Program
12/06/1922  Harold Bauer, piano
01/12/1923  Reinald Werrenrath, baritone
03/07/1923  Albert Spalding, violin

1923–1924 – Entertainment Program
09/28/1923  Boston Symphony Orchestra
12/11/1923  Alberto Salvi, harp
02/20/1924  Ignaz Friedman, piano
04/02/1924  Marie Chaperone, soprano (costume recital)


1925-Guiomar Novaes, piano

1924–1925 – Entertainment Program
10/29/1924  Felix Fox, piano; Richard Burgin, violin; Jean Bedetti, cello
11/14/1924  Reszki Singers; Mildred Deeling, harpist
12/??/1924  Cecil Arden, soprano
01/23/1925  Guiomar Novaes, piano
??/??/1925  Irving Baceller, lecture (novelist)

1925–1926 – Entertainment and Lecture Program
09/24/1925 Vernon Archibald, Baritone
01/13/1926 William Beebe, Saragasso Sea Explorer, Illustrated lecture
02/02/1926 Walter Brown, author/lecturer: “The Creative Spirit of Youth”
04/15/1926 Norman Angell, author/lecturer: “The Great Illusion”
05/08/1926 Dr. George Pierce Baker, Yale Drama Professor/lecturer: “The Theatre as a Profession”

1926–1927 – Entertainment Program
10/20/1926  Charles Stratton, tenor
11/02/1926  Burton Holmes, lecture (travel)
11/16/1926  Frank Swinerton, lecture, “Authors, Their Friends and Their Critics” ( English novelist, critic)
12/01/1926  Walter Mills, baritone
12/10/1926  Roy Cha an Andrews, motion picture illustrated lecture “Hunting the Bones of Adam”
??/??/1927  Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, music lecture
??/??/1927  Boston Trio; Louise Burt Wood, contralto


1928-Lowell Thomas, lecturer

1927–1928 – Entertainment Program
10/12/1927  Ethyl Hayden, soprano
10/24/1927  Commander R.E. Byrd, illustrated lecture (transatlantic flight)
11/04/1927   John van Druten, lecture, “The Modern English Drama” (author)
11/14/1927  Jean Gros Marionnettes
12/08/1927  Louis Bromfield, lecture (Pulitizer Prize-winning author)
01/13/1928  Lowell Thomas, motion picture illustrated lecture, “With Lawrence in Arabia”
01/20/1928  Hart House Quartet
03/07/1928  Madame Elly Ney, piano


1929-AndresSegovia, guitar

1928–1929 – Entertainment Program
10/30/1928  Edith Wynne Mathison; Charles Rann Kennedy, “The Chastening” (drama)
11/05/1928  The English Singers
11/13/1928  Tony Sarg Marionnettes
01/14/1929  Andres Segovia, guitar
02/06/1929  Barrere Little Symphony
02/21/1929  Alfred Noyes, lecture (English poet)
03/20/1929  Count van Luckner, lecture (famous German sea devil)

1929–1930 – Entertainment Program
12/04/1929  The Liebeslieder Quartet
01/28/1930  Russian Cossack Chorus
02/28/1930  Thornton Wilder, lecture (author)
03/11/1930  Vilhjalmur Stefansson, lecture (Arctic explorer)
04/11/1930  Myra Hess, pianist  (cancelled due to illness)


1930-Myra Hess, piano

1930–1931 – Entertainment Program
10/31/1930  Barrere Little Symphony
11/20/1930  Carola Goya, Spanish dance; Beatrice Weller, harp
12/04/1930  Myra Hess, piano
01/13/1931  Cornelia Otis Skinner, entertainer/actress
03/10/1931  Guglielmo Ferrero, lecture (Italian historian and philosopher)

1931-1932 – Entertainment Program
11/06/1931  Kathryn Meisle, contralto
12/03/1931  Ethel Bartlett and Ray Robertson, piano duo
01/13/1932  Ben Greet Players, “Hamlet”
02/19/1932  Helen Howe, actress (original monologues)
03/15/1932  Dr. Arthur C. Pillsbury, lecture, “Miracles of Nature”


1930-Carola Goya, dance

1932-1933 – Entertainment Program
11/17/1932  The London Singers
12/03/1932  Professor Will Durant, lecutre (philosophy)
01/12/1933  Carola Goya, Spanish dance
02/23/1933  Dorothy Sands, actress, “Styles of Acting”
03/22/1933  Georges Barrere, flute; Carlos Salzedo, harp; Horace Britt, cello

1933-1934 – Entertainment Program
12/05/1933  Brosa String Quartet
02/07/1934  Toscha Seidel, violin

1934-1935 – Entertainment Program
12/05/1934  Reginald Godden and Scott Malcolm, piano duo
01/11/1935  Jeanne Dusseau, soprano
04/02/1935  Hall-Johnson Negro Choir


1935-Hall Johnson Choir

1935-1936  – Entertainment Program
10/08/1935?  Dr. Everett Dean Martin, lecture, “What is an Educated Person?”
11/01/1935  Doria Fernanda, mezzo-soprano
11/08/1935  Dr. William Beebe, lecture, “Five Hundred Fathoms Down”
02/10/1936  Cremona String Quartet
03/02/1936?  Alton Jones, piano

1936-1937 – Entertainment Program
10/15/1936  Blanche Yurka, actress, “The Arc of Theatre”
12/01/1936  Ralph Kirkpatrick, harpsichord
01/27/1937  Barrere Ensemble, wind instruments
02/05/1937? Beaux Arts Singers
03/04/1937  Felix Salmond, cello
05/07/1937  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra


1938-Roland Hayes, tenor

1937-1938  – Entertainment Program 
10/02/1937  Stuart Chase, lecture, “Rich Land, Poor Land” (author and economic commentator)
10/27/1937  Orrea Pernet, violin and Bruce Simonds, piano
11/30/1937  The Westminister Choir
12/07/1937  Rollo Walter Brown, author, “Should Intelligent People Read Novels?”
01/07/1938  Curator from Tate Gallery, London, “Pictures are Like People”
01/27/1938  George Barrere Woodwind Ensemble
02/03/1938  Vienna Mozart Boys Choir
03/11/1938  John Mason Brown, drama critic, “Broadway in Review”

1938-1939 – Entertainment Program  

11/02/1938  Roland Hayes, tenor
11/03/1938  Roland Hayes, tenor
04/11/1939  Helen McGraw, piano
05/18/1939  John Mason Brown, lecture (dramatic critic from New York Post)

Trapp Family Choir

1939-Trapp Family Choir

1939-1940 – Entertainment Program
10/11/1939  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra
11/10/1939  The Trapp Family Choir
12/12/1939?  Trio of New York: Carl Friedburg, piano; Felix Salmond, cello; Daniel Karpilowsky, violin
04/09/1940  Helen McGraw, piano; Edmund Sherard, violin
04/17/1940  John Mason Brown,  lecture (dramatic critic from New York Post)

1940-1941 – Entertainment Program
10/15/1940  Miriam Winslow and Foster FitzSimons, dance
11/12/1940  Dr. Egon Petri, piano
12/10/1940?  Eva Le Galliene, actress, “The Value of Theater”
01/14/1941  Dr. Clyde Fisher, lecture, “Exploring the Heavens”
02/26/1941  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
05/14/1941  William Hain, tenor


1942- Joseph Szigeti, violin

1941-1942 – Entertainment Program
10/06/1941  Alec Templeton, piano
10/21/1941  Earle Spencer, baritone
12/05/1941  The Siberian Singers
04/22/1942  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1942-1943 – Entertainment Program
10/21/1942  Joseph Szigeti, violin
11/17/1942  Colonel Edwin Cooper, lecture, “Behind the Lines in Wartime England”
04/02/1943  Jay Allen, lecture (war prisoner); Jose Iturbi, piano

1943-1944 – Entertainment Program
09/05/1943  Robert Weede, baritone
03/24/1944  Whittemore and Lowe, piano duo
04/25/1944  Mia Slavenska, David Tihmar, and Dance Ensemble (Russian dance)


1945-Budapest String Quartet

1944-1945 – Entertainment Program
11/03/1944  Anne Brown, soprano
12/07/1944  Eugene Istomin, piano
03/21/1945  Carroll Glenn, violin
04/17/1945  Vermont State Little Symphony Orchestra

1945-1946 – Entertainment Program
11/13/1945  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra
12/04/1945  Budapest String Quartet
01/08/1946  Foxhole Ballet Company
03/26/1946  Helen Jepson, soprano

1946-Paul Robeson

1946-Paul Robeson

1946-1947 – Entertainment Program
10/15/1946  Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, piano duo
12/04/1946  Paul Robeson, bass-baritone
01/16/1947  General Platoff; Don Cossack Chorus (Russian chorus)
03/11/1947  Budapest String Quartet
04/22/1947  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra

1947-1948 – Entertainment Program
10/28/1947  Claudio Arrau, piano
12/03/1947  Boris Goldovsky, piano lecture
02/12/1948  Pearl Primus, dance
03/17/1948  Mack Harrell, baritone
??/??/1948  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra

1948-Pearl Primus

1948-Pearl Primus

1948-1949 – Entertainment Program
10/21/1948  “MacBeth”
12/08/1948  The Bach Aria Group
02/16/1949  New England Opera Theatre
03/07/1949  Iva Kitchell, satirist
04/27/1949  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director

1949-1950 – Entertainment Program
12/08/1949  Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer
02/02/1950  Bach Aria Group
03/21/1950  Valerie Bettis, dance
04/24/1950  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director; David Smith, piano


1951 Charles Weidman, dance

1950-1951 – Entertainment Program
10/18/1950  Cornelia Otis Skinner, actress/author
11/16/1950  Miss Margaret Bartels, piano
12/07/1950  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director; Maurice Wilk, violin
03/15/1951  Jesús María Sanromá, piano
05/08/1951  Charles Weidman, dance

1951-1952 – Entertainment Program
11/20/1951  Fuzkadi, Basque folk dancers
02/18/1952  Charles Coburn, actor
03/04/1952  Carol Brice, contralto
04/08/1952  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director


1953-Ray McKinley, drums

1952-1953 – Entertainment Program
11/16/1952  David Kinsey, piano
02/20/1953  Ray McKinley, jazz percussion/band leader
03/27/1953  DePaur Infantry Chorus
05/08/1953  Charles Laughton, reading

1953-1954 – Concert Series
10/04/1953  Don Cossack Choir
10/25/1953  Musiqua Antiqua, chamber ensemble
11/11/1953  Ruth Draper, actress
02/07/1954  Columbus Boys Choir
02/19/1954  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director


1954-Quartetto Italiano

1954-1955 – Concert Series
10/31/1954  Players, Inc., “The Would be Gentleman”
12/09/1954  Quartetto Italiano
01/10/1955  Andres Segovia, guitar
02/18/1955  Ralph Marterie and Band
03/14/1955  Gary Graffman, piano
04/25/1955  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director

1956-I Musici

1956-I Musici

1955-1956 – Concert Series
10/16/1955  The Canadian Players of Stratford, Ontario
12/04/1955  Gyorgy Sandor, piano
01/15/1956  Olga Coelho, folk singer
02/05/1956  I Musici, chamber ensemble
02/17/1956  Elliot Lawrence and Band
03/05/1956  Middlebury Choir and Orchestra
03/11/1956  Jacob Lawrence, lecture (painter)
04/23/1956  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director; Maxim Schur, piano

1956-1957 – Concert Series
10/28/1956  The Canadian Players LTD., “Peer Gynt”
01/14/1957  Quartetto Italiano
02/15/1957  Leroy Holmes with Orchestra


1958-Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer

1957-1958 – Concert Series
10/13/1957  Eugene Istomin, piano
11/03/1957  Alfred Deller Trio
12/08/1957  Paganini Quartet
03/02/1958  Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer

1958-1959 – Concert Series
10/12/1958  Julien Bream, guitar and lute
11/02/1958  Vienna Octet
11/23/1958  Margaret Webster, actress (Shakespeare readings)
01/11/1959  Walter Carringer, baritone
02/08/1959  Kenneth Amada, piano
05/18/1959  The Middlebury College Chamber Players

1960-Duke Ellington

1960-Duke Ellington

1959-1960 – Concert Series
10/11/1959  Orrea Pernel, violin; Karen Tuttle, viola; Lionel Nowak, piano
11/01/1959  The New Art Wind Quartet
01/08/1960  Josh White, folk singer
01/10/1960  Appleton and Field, piano duo
02/07/1960  Heinz Rehfuss, bass-baritone
02/13/1960  Duke Ellington, jazz piano and band leader (Winter Carnival)
03/06/1960  The Julliard Quartet
04/24/1960  Vermont Symphony Orchestra



1960-1961 – Concert and Film Series
10/23/1960  Players, Inc., “The Merchant of Venice”
10/28/1960  FILMS: “Des Ordres” and “Picasso”
12/03/1960  FILM: “The Murderers Among Us”
12/04/1960  Martial Singher, baritone; Lee Luvisi, piano
01/07/1961  FILM: “Million Dollar Legs”
01/15/1961  Paganini String Quartet
02/11/1961  FILM: “Ordet”
02/12/1961  David Bar-Illan, Piano
03/05/1961  New York Chamber Soloists
03/11/1961  FILM: “Miss Julie”
04/15/1961  FILM: “The Proud and the Beautiful”

1961-Ravi Shankar

1961-Ravi Shankar

1961-1962  – Concert and Film Series
09/30/1961  FILMS: “The Land Without Bread” and “Le Retour”
10/15/1961  Alirio Diaz, guitar
10/28/1961  FILM: “The Set Up”
11/04/1961  FILM: “The Day of Wrath”
11/15/1961  Jeaneane Dowis, piano
12/03/1961  Ravi Shankar, sitar
01/13/1962  FILM: “Greed”
01/14/1962  Heinz Rehfus, baritone; Natalie Derujinsky, piano
02/10/1962  FILM: “Maedchen Uniform”
02/18/1962  Hungarian String Quartet
03/17/1962  FILM: “I Vitelloni”
03/18/1962  VSO and Middlebury College Choir, James Cha an, conductor
04/15/1962  Dance Drama Company
04/21/1962  FILM: “Private’s Progress
05/05/1962  FILM: “Ivan the Terrible”


1963-Beaux Arts Trio

1962-1963  – Concert and Film Series  
09/30/1962  Phakavali, Dancers of Thailand
11/04/1962  “Music in Our Time”
12/02/1962  New York Brass Quintet
02/10/1963  Paganini String Quartet
03/10/1963  Beaux Arts Trio
04/21/1963  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1963-1964  – Concert and Film Series
10/20/1963  Netherlands String Quartet
11/17/1963  VSO, Alan Carter, conductor
12/05/1963  Hungarian String Quartet
01/12/1964  Bela Szilagi, piano
02/18/1964  Dizzy Gillespie and the Grandison Singers
03/08/1964  Juilliard String Quartet
04/12/1964  New York Chamber Soloists


1964-Hungarian String Quartet

1964-1965Middlebury College Celebrity Series 
09/26/1964  FILM: “The Goddess”
10/10/1964  FILMS: “Sweet Smell of Success” and “Finishing Touch”
10/18/1964  Festival of the Winds of New York, Melvin Kaplan, director
11/07/1964  FILMS: “Antigone” and “Leave ’em Laughing”
12/05/1964  FILM: “Devi” and “The Music Box”
12/06/1964  Hungarian String Quartet
01/23/1965  FILMS: “Kanal” and “The Perfect Day”
02/11/1965  I Solisti Di Zagreb, Yugoslavian Chamber Orchestra
02/20/1965 FILMS: “The Last Year at Marienbad” and “Sailors Beware”
03/14/1965  Max Pollikoff, violin
03/20/1965  FILMS: “With Love and Kisses” and “Shoot the Piano Player”
04/17/1965  FILMS: “Summerskin” and “Wrong Again”

Aeolian Chamber Players

1966-Aeolian Chamber Players

1965-1966 – Middlebury College Celebrity Series
09/26/1965  Randolph Hokanson, piano
10/31/1965  American Brass Quintet
11/14/1965  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director
12/05/1965  Loewenguth Quartet
02/19/1966  FILMS: “The Pharmacist” and “Cleo from 9 to 5”
03/06/1966  Aeolian Chamber Players
03/23/1966  University of Buffalo Chorus


1967-Nikhil Banerjee, sitar

1966-1967 – Middlebury College Celebrity Series
10/16/1966  Smetana Quartet of Prague
11/06/1966  Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer
11/12/1966  FILMS: “The Member of the Wedding” and “Rhythm of Africa”
12/03/1966  FILMS: “Joan of Angels” and “Desist Film”
12/04/1966  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director

1967-1968 – Middlebury College Celebrity Series  
11/05/1967  Nikhil Banerjee, sitar; Kanai Dutta, tabla
02/18/1968  Albert Fuller, harpsichord
04/21/1968  The Boston Symphony Chamber Players


1969-Guarneri String Quartet

1968-1969 – Middlebury College Concert–Film Series 
09/21/1968  FILMS: “Repulsion” and “The Critic” (short subject)
10/04/1968  Betty Jones; Fritz Ludin, lecture/performance “Dances I Dance”
10/12/1968  FILMS: “Big Deal on Madonna Street” and “Perfect Day” (short subject)
10/27/1968  Melos Ensemble of London
11/17/1968  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director
11/23/1968  FILMS: “Peter the Great” Parts I and II
??/??/1968  Ashish Khan and Company, from India (Date to be announced, no program)
12/04/1968  Joel Krosnick, cello; Harriet Wingreen, piano
12/07/1968  FILMS: “Victim” and “The Seven Hundred Years”
01/11/1969  FILMS: “The Loves of Jeanne Ney” and “Below Zero”
01/27/1969  New York Chamber Soloists
02/12/1969  Diane Walsh, piano
02/22/1969  FILMS: “The Exterminating Angel” and “Brats”
03/05/1969  Guarneri String Quartet
03/22/1969  FILMS: “The Seventh Seal” and “Men O’War”

1968-1969  – Middlebury College Concert–Film Series
03/26/1969  Frederick Marantz, piano
04/09/1969  Sergiu Luca, violin
04/19/1969  FILMS: “The Pad” and “College”


1971-John Weaver, organ

1969-1970  – Middlebury College Concert–Film Series
09/27/1969  FILMS: “The Ape Woman” and “Bacon Grabbers” (short subject)
10/12/1969  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
10/16/1969  Gerard Souzay, baritone
10/25/1969  FILMS: “M” (Original version) and “The Goat”
11/15/1969  FILMS: “Kanchenjungha” and “Why Do You Smile Mona Lisa?”
12/06/1969  FILM: “Il Successo”
12/07/1969  Charles Castleman, violin
01/11/1970  Eugene Pridonoff, piano
01/17/1970  FILM: “Masculine-Feminine”
02/05/1970  Drolc Quartet
02/24/1970  Cologne Chamber Orchestra
02/28/1970  FILM: “Accatone!”
03/21/1970  FILMS: “Hunger” and “Pack Up Your Troubles”
03/25/1970  Oscar Ghiglia, guitar
04/02/1970  Frances Cole, harpsichord
04/23/1970  Raymond Des Roches, percussion
04/25/1970  FILM: “Beyond the Lab”

1970-1971 – Concert Series
10/11/1970  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
11/11/1970  Charles Rosen, piano
02/01/1971  Beaux Arts Trio
02/24/1971  Don Redlich Dance Company
03/03/1971  Koeckert Quartet
03/10/1971  Anthony Newman, pedal harpsichord and organ
04/25/1971  Francis Fortier, violin



1971-1972 – Concert – Film – Drama Series  
09/24/1971  FILM: “Sons of the Desert City”
10/15/1971  FILM: “Storm over Asia”
10/23/1971  The Rod Rodgers Dance Company
11/03/1971  An Evening of New Music
11/10/1971  John Weaver, organ
11/11/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
11/12/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
11/13/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
11/14/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
12/03/1971  FILM: “Spies”
01/07/1972  FILM: “In Cold Blood”
01/19/1972  Don Shirley Trio
02/17/1972  Ernst Haefliger, tenor
03/02/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/03/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/04/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/05/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/08/1972  Pilobolus Dance Theatre
03/09/1972  Paul Kuentz Chamber Orchestra
03/10/1972  FILM: “Nazarin”
03/22/1972  The Reger Quartet
03/24/1972  FILM: “The White Sheik”
04/14/1972  FILM: “The Sea Gull”
04/16/1972  Kenneth Amada, piano
05/04/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women
05/05/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women
05/06/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women
05/07/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women

1972-Leon Bates, piano

1972-Leon Bates, piano

1972-1973 – Concert – Film – Drama Series
10/16/1972  Les Menestriers
10/22/1972  Elly Ameling, soprano; Dalton Baldwin, piano
11/01/1972  Hasklee Thomson, organ
11/12/1972  FILM: “Portrait of Jason”
12/01/1972  DRAMA: August Strindberg’s A Dream Play
12/02/1972  DRAMA: August Strindberg’s A Dream Play
12/03/1972  DRAMA: August Strindberg’s A Dream Play
12/05/1972  Leon Bates, piano
12/07/1972  FILMS: “One A.M.” and “Sherlock, Jr.”
01/18/1973  FILMS: “Work” and “Earth”
01/21/1973  Mario Escudero, guitar
02/14/1973  Saeko Ichinohe and Company (dance)
02/26/1973  Ars Antiqua de Paris
03/08/1973  FILMS: “The Floorwalker” and “Night of the Living Dead”
03/22/1973  FILMS: “The Rink” and “The Milky Way”


1973-Ali Akbar Khan, sarod

1973-1974 – Concert – Drama Series  
09/17/1973  Bread and Puppet Theatre
09/18/1973  Bread and Puppet Theatre
11/29/1973  Ali Akbar Khan, sarod
04/10/1974  Music for a While
04/11/1974  Music for a While

1974-1975 – Concert Series
10/07/1974  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
10/21/1974  The Esterhazy String Quartet
11/18/1974  Preservation Hall Jazz Band
12/08/1974  The Hartford Ballet
01/07/1975  Claude Kipnis, mime
01/28/1975  Jan De Gaetani, mezzo-soprano
03/17/1975  Dorian Wind Quintet
04/30/1975  Early Music Quartet


1974-Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

1975-1976 – Concert Series
09/14/1975  George Baker, organ
10/06/1975  Waverly Consort
11/17/1975  The Buffalo String Quartet
12/01/1975  Michael Devlin, baritone
01/21/1976  The Beaux Arts Trio
02/22/1976  Soloists of the Ensemble Nipponia
03/13/1976  The Paul Taylor Dance Company
04/25/1976  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1976-1977 – Concert Series
10/05/1976  Utah Repertory Dance Theater
10/28/1976  Juilliard String Quartet
11/10/1976  Oscar Peterson, piano
11/15/1976  Louis Bagger, harpsichord
01/26/1977  Natalie Hinderas, piano
02/16/1977  Rolf Scharre, mime
03/02/1977  Dorian Wind Quintet
03/15/1977  Barbary Coast
03/28/1977  Margalit Dance Company
04/24/1977  Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Midd. College Choir and Midd. Festival Chorus

1977-Oscar Emmanuel Peterson

1977-Oscar Emmanuel Peterson

1977-1978 – Concert Series
09/18/1977  Vermont Symphony String Quartet
10/05/1977  Contemporary Dance System
10/23/1977  Robert Miller, piano
10/30/1977  Vermont Symphony String Quartet
11/16/1977  Oscar Peterson, piano
01/09/1978  Gerre Hancock, organ
01/11/1978  South Indian Music
02/20/1978  National Theater of the Deaf
03/06/1978  Daniel Nagrin Dance Theater
04/30/1978  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
05/07/1978  Vermont Symphony String Quartet


1979-Yo-Yo Ma, cello

1978-1979 – Concert Series
10/10/1978  Chuck Davis Dance Company
10/25/1978  Schreuder-Fanning Duo
11/05/1978  Eliot Fisk, classical guitar
12/03/1978  Vincent Corrigan, harpsichord
01/07/1979  Wolfgang Rubsam, organ
01/08/1979  Wolfgang Rubsam, organ
01/19/1979  Clamma Dale, soprano
02/17/1979  Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum
02/28/1979  Yo Yo Ma, cello
03/13/1979  Joffrey II Dance Company
03/17/1979  Howard University Chorale
03/25/1979  Ruth Geiger, piano
04/11/1979  Pamela Guidetti, flute; Karen Fuller, harp
04/22/1979  Vermont Symphony Orchestra


1980-Fischer Duo

1979-1980 – Concert Series
09/23/1979  The Aeolian Chamber Players
10/09/1979  American Ballet Theatre
11/04/1979  Robert Noehren, organ
11/14/1979  The Concord String Quartet
01/13/1980  The Aeolian Chamber Players
02/24/1980  Oxana Yablonskaya, piano
03/12/1980  The All-Tap Revue
03/17/1980  University of Wisconsin Choir
03/30/1980  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/15/1980  The Empire Brass Quintet
04/23/1980  Norman Fischer, cello; Jeanne Fischer, piano
04/30/1980  Amadeus Trio
05/05/1980  Richard Becker, piano


1980-John Cage and Merce Cunningham

1980-1981 – Concert Series
09/23/1980  Erick Hawkins Dance Company
10/12/1980  Elysian Trio
10/17/1980  The New Globe Theatre
10/24/1980  Murray Perahia, piano
11/19/1980  The Music Consort
12/05/1980  Composer John Cage and Choreographer Merce Cunningham in Dialogue
12/07/1980  VT Symphony Orch., Midd. College Choir, Community Chorus w/Alumni Soloists
01/11/1981  Ruth Geiger, piano
01/25/1981  Elysian Trio
02/01/1981  Elysian Trio
02/22/1981  Emerson String Quartet
03/11/1981  Meredith Monk Dance Company
03/29/1981  Christof Amtmann, piano
04/26/1981  Calliope: A Renaissance Band

1981-Emerson String Quartet

1981-Emerson String Quartet

1981-1982 – Concert Series
10/03/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Mozart and History’s Greatest Lover”
10/03/1981  FILM: Don Giovanni
10/04/1981  FILM: Don Giovanni
10/07/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “How the String Quartet was Born”
10/08/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “The Austrian Crisi”
10/14/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Haydn:The Quartets of the Eszterhaza Years 1785-90”
10/15/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Haydn: The Late Quartets”
10/21/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Mozart’s Late Chamber Music”
10/22/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Mozart’s First Thoughts”
10/23/1981  Emerson String Quartet
10/24/1981  Emerson String Quartet
11/03/1981  Court Dance, Theater and Music from Okinawa
11/14/1981  New Music Consort
01/16/1982  Rolf Schulte, violin; Andrew Rangell, piano, “All Beethoven I”
01/24/1982  New Music Consort
02/11/1982  The American Repertory Theatre
02/13/1982  The American Repertory Theatre
02/20/1982  Rolf Schulte, violin; Andrew Rangell, piano, “All Beethoven II”
03/06/1982  Rolf Schulte, violin; Andrew Rangell, piano, “All Beethoven III”
03/14/1982  Carlo Curley, organ
03/19/1982  New Music Consort
03/22/1982  University of Wisconsin Concert Choir
03/24/1982  Boehm Woodwind Quintet
04/25/1982  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1981-H. C. Robbins Landon

1982-H. C. Robbins Landon

1982-1983 – Concert Series
09/24/1982  A Weekend Festival of Mainland Chinese Films
09/25/1982  A Weekend Festival of Mainland Chinese Films
09/26/1982  A Weekend Festival of Mainland Chinese Films
10/02/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Bach)
10/02/1982  New England Bach Festival
10/21/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/22/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/22/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/23/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/23/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/24/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/24/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/26/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/26/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/27/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10 27/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/28/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/28/1982  Emerson String Quartet
11/13/1982  Emerson String Quartet
11/16/1982  Emerson String Quartet
01/10/1983  Timothy Albrecht, organ
02/08/1983  Murray Louis Dance Company
02/14/1983  Boston Camerata
02/21/1983  New York New Music Ensemble
03/06/1983  Christof Amtmann, piano
03/20/1983  The Acting Company
04/16/1983  New Black Eagle Jazz Band


1984 Mummenschanz

1983-1984 – Concert Series
09/30/1983  Emerson String Quartet
10/01/1983  Emerson String Quartet
10/19/1983  Emerson String Quartet
10/20/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/13/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/14/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/15/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/16/1983  Emerson String Quartet
02/01/1984  Mummenschanz
02/19/1984  Electric Phoenix
03/04/1984  Ruth Geiger, piano
03/28/1984  Annabelle Gamson, dance
04/28/1984  Vermont Symphony Orchestra


1985-Trevor Pinnock

1984-1985 – Concert Series (Paul Nelson, director)
09/21/1984  New England Bach Festival
10/03/1984  Emerson String Quartet
10/05/1984  Emerson String Quartet
10/06/1984  Emerson String Quartet
10/24/1984  Shakespeare and Company
11/16/1984  David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, piano
01/11/1985  FILM: Richard Wagner’s Parsifal  
01/25/1985  FILM: Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata
03/10/1985  Nina Wiener and Dancers
03/23/1985  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/09/1985  Trevor Pinnock, harpsichordist
04/16/1985  Laura Hunter, saxophone; Brian Connelly, piano
04/17/1985  Laura Hunter, saxophone; Brian Connelly, piano
04/27/1985  Nan Nall, soprano; Glenn Parker, piano


1987-Abdullah Ibrahim, piano

1985-1986 – Concert Series
09/21/1985  Al Huang T’ai Chi Master Dancer
09/27/1985  Meliora String Quartet
09/28/1985  Meliora String Quartet
10/04/1985  Meliora String Quartet
10/05/1985  Meliora String Quartet
10/09/1985  San Francisco Mime Troupe
11/02/1985  Salomon String Quartet
11/10/1985  The American Boychoir
11/24/1985  Andrew Rangell, piano
01/19/1986  Mitchell-Ruff Duo
01/21/1986  A Sample of Great Film Scores
01/25/1986  A Sample of Great Film Scores
02/15/1986  Wu Han, piano
03/01/1986  Nancy Spanier Dance Theatre of Colorado
03/15/1986  Jan Opalach, bass-baritone; Irma Vallecillo, piano
04/11/1986  The Hilliard Ensemble
04/20/1986  New York Woodwind Quintet



1986-1987 – Concert Series
09/20/1986  National Marionette Theatre
09/27/1986  Joan Morris, mezzo-soprano; William Bolcom, piano
10/03/1986  Jennifer Muller/The Works – An American Dance Company
10/04/1986  New York Vocal Arts Ensemble
10/17/1986  Zeitgeist
10/29/1986  Gustav Leonhardt, harpsichord
11/07/1986  D’anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano; David Deveau, piano
11/22/1986  Kenneth and Jean Wentworth, piano duo
01/08/1987  Meliora String Quartet
01/10/1987  Odetta, Folk Singer
01/18/1987  Meliora String Quartet
01/28/1987  Meliora String Quartet
02/17/1987  North Carolina Dance Theatre
02/24/1987  The Boston Viol Consort; Nancy Armstrong, soprano
03/07/1987  Voice of the Turtle (instrumental and vocal ensemble)
03/18/1987  University of Wisconsin Concert Choir
03/21/1987  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
03/25/1987  Cambridge Buskers
04/11/1987  Peter Orth, piano


1988-Tallis Scholars

1987-1988 – Concert Series
09/19/1987  PS 122 Road Show (Cabaret)
09/20/1987  Trinity College Chapel Choir
10/02/1987  National Theatre of the Deaf
10/03/1987  Jean Redpath, folk singer; Abby Newton, cello
10/16/1987  Abdullah Ibrahim, jazz piano
10/30/1987  Western Wind, vocal ensemble
11/11/1987  Hopkinson Smith, lute
11/21/1987  Los Angeles Piano Quartet
01/06/1988  Ridge String Quartet
01/08/1988  Jaime Laredo, violin; Sharon Robinson, cello
01/09/1988  Ridge String Quartet
01/11/1988  Ridge String Quartet
01/15/1988  Odetta, folk singer
01/16/1988  Wendy Perron Dance Company
01/18/1988  Brattleboro Music Center Opera
02/11/1988  Kronos Quartet
02/20/1988  Pearlman/Allen, dance
03/05/1988  Margie Gillis Dance Foundation
03/09/1988  Panayis Lyras, pianist
03/12/1988  Pan Asian Repertory Theatre
03/18/1988  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/09/1988  Tallis Scholars (vocal ensemble)
04/27/1988  Andrew Rangell, pianist


1989-Marian McPartland, piano

1988-1989 – Concert Series
09/30/1988  David Parsons Dance Company
10/01/1988  New Black Eagle Jazz Band
10/14/1988  Elizabeth Swados, composer/musician
10/15/1988  New World String Quartet; David Shifrin, clarinet
10/19/1988  Stars of the D’oyly Carte Opera Company
10/28/1988  The Hilliard Ensemble
11/13/1988  Lydian String Quartet
11/18/1988  Tafelmusik Soloists; Malcolm Bilson, piano
02/02/1989  Mitsuko Shirai, mezzo-soprano; Hartmut Holl, piano
02/10/1989  Anderson-McLellan, guitar duo
02/14/1989  Negro Ensemble Theater
02/19/1989  Quink (Dutch vocal ensemble)
03/05/1989  Marian McPartland Duo
03/10/1989  Arditti String Quartet
03/17/1989  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/07/1989  Eugene Friesen, cello; Paul Halley, piano and organ
04/14/1989  Sanford Sylvan, baritone; David Breitman, piano
04/22/1989  Mark Kaplan, violin
04/23/1989  Mark Kaplan, violin


1989-Trinity College Choir, Cambridge

1989-1990 – Concert Series
09/11/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/12/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/13/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/14/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/15/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/15/1989  Roadside Theatre
09/16/1989  Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
10/13/1989  Jay McShann and Friends, jazz piano
10/14/1989  Anne-Marie McDermott, piano
10/28/1989  Alexander String Quartet
11/11/1989  The Davydov-Fanning Duo
12/03/1989  The Tallis Scholars
01/17/1990  Consort of Musicke Trio
01/25/1990  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; David Finckel, cello
02/16/1990  Aulos Ensemble; Julianne Baird, soprano
02/18/1990  Richard Marlow, organ
03/03/1990  Claudio Jaffe, cello; Elizabeth Sawyer, piano
03/17/1990  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
03/22/1990  Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord
04/01/1990  New York Woodwind Quintet; Orion String Quartet
04/21/1990  Orford String Quartet


1991-Urban Bush Women

1990-1991 – Concert Series
09/14/1990  Paul Winter Consort
09/26/1990  Laredo Dance Theatre
09/29/1990  Dave McKenna, jazz piano
10/05/1990  Jay McShann and Friends
10/27/1990  New England Bach Festival
11/11/1990  Emory Fanning, organ
11/16/1990  Sanford Sylvan and The New Arts Trio
11/30/1990  The Da Capo Chamber Players
01/08/1991  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; Yeesun Kim, cello
01/10/1991  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; Yeesun Kim, cello
01/12/1991  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; Yeesun Kim, cello
01/20/1991  Daniel McKelway and Friends
02/17/1991  Mozart’s Requiem
02/20/1991  A Traveling Jewish Theatre
03/01/1991  Urban Bush Women, dance
03/02/1991  Smithson String Quartet
03/16/1991  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/11/1991  The Theatre of Voices
04/12/1991  The Theatre of Voices04/20/1991  Emerson String Quartet; David Shifrin, clarinet


1991-Harlem Spiritual Ensemble

1991-1992 – Concert Series
09/20/1991  Aequalis (chamber music ensemble)
09/21/1991  Glasnost Ballet Tour
09/22/1991  The King’s College Men’s Choir
09/23/1991  Evensong with The King’s College Men’s Choir
10/06/1991  The Lhamo Folk Opera of Tibet
10/12/1991  Dick Hyman, piano
10/26/1991  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
11/10/1991  New Orchestra of Boston
11/23/1991  The Maggini String Quarte
12/05/1991  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
01/12/1992  Wu Han and Friends
01/13/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/14/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/15/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/16/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/17/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/18/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/19/1992  Wu Han and Friends
02/27/1992  Consort of Musicke
03/07/1992  The Middlebury Festival Chorus and Orchestra
04/04/1992  Sanford Sylvan, baritone
04/12/1992  Dubravka Tomsic, piano
04/24/1992  The Crofut/Brubeck Ensemble


1992-Pieter Wilspelwey, cello

1992-1993 – Concert Series (does not include CFA opening gala events)
09/12/1992  Glen Velez Ensemble
09/24/1992  Blondell Cummings, dance
09/25/1992  Blondell Cummings, dance
09/26/1992  Abdullah Ibrahim, jazz piano
10/06/1992  Artek with Gwendolyn Toth, director
10/23/1992  Tatiana Nikolayeva, piano
10/24/1992  Stoney Lonesome (bluegrass band)
11/07/1992  Peter Wispelwey, cello
11/21/1992  Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble
01/16/1993  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
01/31/1993  Brentano String Quartet
02/07/1993  Ysaye Quartet
02/12/1993  El Teatro Campesino (Latin American theater)
02/14/1993  Menahem Pressler, piano
02/20/1993  Leontovych String Quartet
03/05/1993  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/04/1993  Orion String Quartet
04/17/1993  Ali Akbar Khan, sarod


1993-Marcus Roberts

1993-1994 – Concert Series
10/20/1993  Marcus Roberts, jazz piano
10/03/1993  Rumillajta, Music of the Andea
10/14/1993  John Wustman, Schubert Liederabend
10/16/1993  Ruggieri Chamber Soloists
10/17/1993  Ed Trickett, Gordon Bok, and Ann Muir (folk singers)
10/30/1993  Pinkas and Hirsch, piano duo
11/14/1993  Christopher Trakas, baritone; Glenn Parker, piano
12/05/1993  The Sixteen
01/09/1994  David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, pianist
01/22/1994  Mosaic
01/30/1994  St. Lawrence String Quartet
02/18/1994  Jomandi Productions (drama)
02/27/1994  The Borromeo Quartet
03/04/1994  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
03/05/1994  Creach/Koester, dance
03/06/1994  Creach/Koester, dance
03/11/1994  Evelyn Glennie, percussion
03/13/1994  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
04/14/1994  Takács Quartet; Christof Amtmann, piano
04/22/1994  Auryn Quartet
04/30/1994  Pamela Frank, violin; Claude Frank, piano
05/08/1994  Middlebury Colleg Chorus and Orchestra


1994-Bebe Miller Company

1994-1995 – Concert Series
09/12/1994  Collegium Regale of the King’s College Choir, Cambridge
09/28/1994  The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
10/02/1994  Torlief Thedeen, cello; Stefan Bojsten, piano
10/07/1994  Walk and Squawk Productions (drama)
10/08/1994  Mitchell-Ruff Duo, jazz
10/22/1994  Meridian Arts Ensemble
10/23/1994  Musicians from Marlboro
11/02/1994  Bebe Miller Company
11/05/1994  Lee Luvisi, piano
12/03/1994  The Klezmatics
12/16/1994  Boston Camerata
01/08/1995  Diaz Trio
01/14/1995  Acappellafellas
01/20/1995  Orlando String Quartet
01/28/1995  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
02/17/1995  Ladysmith Black Mambazo
02/26/1995  Tricia Park, violin
03/10/1995  The Locke Consort
03/11/1995  Art Bridgman/Myrna Parker: “The Bare-Bones Circus”
03/19/1995  Balanescu Quartet
04/09/1995  Tokyo String Quartet
04/21/1995  Charlotte Blake Alston, storytelling
04/30/1995  Brentano String Quartet


1996-Ivan Moravec

1995-1996 Concert Series
09/23/1995  Kevin Locke
09/25/1995  Trinmen
09/29/1995  Mark O’Connor, Folk Fiddler
09/30/1995  Doug Varone and Dancers
10/05/1995  The Takács Quartet
10/07/1995  The Takács Quartet
10/15/1995  The Raphael Ensemble
10/28/1995  Gene Bertoncini Trio
10/29/1995  Terezin Project: Hans Krasa’s “Brundibar” and Viktor Ullman’s “The Emperor of Atlantis”
11/08/1995  Shahid Parvaez Khan, sitar
12/16/1995  St. John’s College Choir
12/17/1995  St. John’s College Choir, Evensong
01/23/1996  Palladian Ensemble
01/28/1996  Miami String Quartet
02/16/1996  Ivan Moravec, piano
02/21/1996  Transylvan String Quartet
02/29/1996  Benita Valente, Soprano; Mitsuko Shirai, Mezzo; Hartmut Höll, piano
03/09/1996  Rinde Eckert, The Idiot Variations
03/12/1996  Dubravka Tomsic, Piano
03/21/1996  Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, David Shifrin, Artistic Dir.
04/05/1996  Shivkumar Sharma, santoor
04/13/1996  Weslia Whitfield, cabaret
04/20/1996  Meridian Arts Ensemble


1996-Rinde Eckert

1996-1997 Concert Series
09/28/1996  Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
10/02/1996  Russell Braun, baritone (Marilyn Horne Artist)
10/04/1996  Diavolo Dance Theatre
10/05/1996  Diavolo Dance Theatre
10/12/1996  St. Paul’s Knightsbridge Choir
10/26/1996  Nathaniel E. Kachadorian Memorial Jazz Concert
10/30/1996  Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Sukhvinder Singh Namadhari
12/15/1996  Aulos Ensemble
01/15/1997  Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Piano Trio
01/22/1997  The Caribbean Dance Co. of the Virgin Islands
01/25/1997  Charles Rosen, piano
02/14/1997  Black Voices
02/15/1997  Black Voices
02/19/1997  Emerson String Quartet
03/15/1997  Pamela Frank, violin; Claude Frank, piano
03/21/1997  Tommy Flanagan Trio
04/16/1997  Takács Quartet
04/18/1997  Takács Quartet


1997-Eiko and Koma

1997-1998 Concert Series
09/18/1997  Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Piano Trio
09/26/1997  Margaret Lattimore, mezzo-soprano (Marilyn Horne Artist)
10/03/1997  Eiko & Kima: River
10/04/1997  Eiko & Kima: River
10/14/1997  Peter Serkin, piano
11/08/1997  “Shakespeare’s Kings: The Exercise of Power” by Oliver Ford Davies, actor
11/15/1997  Orlando Consort
11/23/1997  Emanuel Ax, piano
01/11/1998  David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, Piano
01/22/1998  Aurora Nova
02/14/1998  Cyrus Chesnut Trio
03/10/1998  Tokyo String Quartet
03/13/1998  Ian Bostridge
04/07/1998  Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Piano Trio
04/19/1998  Angeles String Quartet
04/25/1998  Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, sarod



1998-1999 Concert Series
09/18/1998  Potomac Theatre Project: Good  
09/19/1998  Potomac Theatre Project: Good  
09/23/1998  Leila Josefowicz, violin; John Novacek, piano
09/28/1998  Bebe Miller Company
09/29/1998  Bebe Miller Company
10/07/1998  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
10/09/1998  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
11/04/1998  Ewa Podles, contralto; Jerzy Marchwinski, piano
11/11/1998  Ghazal Ensemble
11/15/1998  Romanesca
01/21/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
01/23/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
01/28/1999  I Fagiolini
02/12/1999  Mary Phillips, mezzo-soprano (Marilyn Horne Artist)
03/05/1999  Canadian Brass
03/13/1999  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
04/08/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
04/10/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
04/26/1999  Quatour Mosaiques


1999-Cyrus Chestnut

1999-2000 Concert Series
10/06/1999  Mehr & Sher Ali
10/13/1999  Mark O’Connor
10/19/1999  Weston Playhouse
10/30/1999  Emmanuel Pahud, flute
11/13/1999  Music from China
11/17/1999  Clerks’ Group
01/15/2000  Vermeer Quartet
01/21/2000  Ivan Moravec, piano
02/04/2000  Horacio Gutierrez, piano
02/11/2000  Sari Gruber, soprano (Marilyn Horne Artist)
02/19/2000  Wu Han Trio
03/02/2000  Sanford Sylvan, baritone
04/05/2000  Steve Reich & Musicians
04/16/2000  Garrick Ohlsson, piano


2001-St. Margarets Choir

2000-2001 Concert Series
09/23/2000  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
10/06/2000  Emerson String Quartet
10/08/2000  Emerson String Quartet extra
10/21/2000  Raphael Trio with Desiree Halac, mezzo-soprano
10/27/2000  Theatre of Voices
10/28/2000  Pilobolus Too
10/29/2000  Pilobolus Too
11/11/2000  Lilya Zilberstein, piano
01/19/2001  Arnaldo Cohen
01/24/2001  Takács Quartet
01/27/2001  Takács Quartet
02/17/2001  Scott Hendricks, baritone (Marilyn Horne Artist)
03/02/2001  Trio Fontenay
03/06/2001  Huelgas Ensemble (cancelled due to blizzard)
03/11/2001  Musicians from Marlboro
04/03/2001  Gertrude & Alice by the Foundry Theatre
04/04/2001  Gertrude & Alice by the Foundry Theatre
04/17/2001  Stephen Kovacevich, piano
04/19/2001  St. Margaret’s Choir, Westminster Abbey – Evensong
04/20/2001  St. Margaret’s Choir, Westminster Abbey – Paul Nelson Tribute


2002-Emerson String Quartet w/Paul Nelson

2001-2002 – Performing Arts Series
09/28/2001  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
10/02/2001  Takács Quartet Preview: Janacek’s String Quartets, with Stephen Donadio
10/04/2001  Takács Quartet
10/05/2001  Chavasse Dance & Performance
10/06/2001  Chavasse Dance & Performance
10/12/2001  London Theatre Exchange: “Elizabeth Rivals: Art or Money”
10/13/2001  London Theatre Exchange: “A Century on Stage: from Shaw & Wilde to the Present”
11/18/2001  Ivan Moravec, piano
01/25/2002  Takács Quartet
01/31/2002  Andrew Manze, violin; Richard Egarr, harpsichord
02/13/2002  Kandia Kouyate: The Soul of Mali
02/15/2002  Claude Frank, piano
03/07/2002  FILM: “Summer in Ivye” by Tamar Rogoff
03/08/2002  “Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier” by Tamar Rogoff
03/09/2002  “Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier” by Tamar Rogoff
03/17/2002  David Daniels, countertenor
04/05/2002  Tokyo String Quartet
04/19/2002  Wu Han, piano
04/04/2002  Gidon Kremer, violin


2003-David Finckel; Wu Han

2002-2003 – Performing Arts Series
09/27/2002  Rinde Eckert, “An Idiot Divine”
10/12/2002  Emerson String Quartet
10/13/2002  Emerson String Quartet
11/08/2002  Brentano String Quartet “Bach Perspectives: Ten Composers React to the Art Of Fugue” (Middlebury Co-Commissioner)
11/15/2002  David Dorfman Dance
11/16/2002  David Dorfman Dance
11/17/2002  Thomas Trotter, organ
12/06/2002  Gerald Finley, baritone And Julius Drake, piano
01/25/2003  Takács Quartet (Premiere of Life in Wayang, by Middlebury faculty Su Lian Tan)
02/14/2003  Anne Bogart (Lecture)
03/07/2003  Paul Lewis, piano
03/14/2003  Piotr Anderszewski, piano
03/18/2003  Belcea Quartet (cancelled)
04/04/2003  Steven Isserlis, cello; Pascal Devoyon, piano
04/25/2003  Arnaldo Cohen, piano



2003-2004 – Performing Arts Series
09/19/2003  Wu Han, piano; David Finckel, cello
10/03/2003  Brenda Dixon Gottschild and Hellmut Gottschild: Tongue Smell Color
10/04/2003  Mamadou Diabate, kora player and ensemble
10/24/2003  La Venexiana
10/26/2003  Ghazal
11/06/2003  I Fagiolini
11/09/2003  Julia Fischer, violin; Robert Kulek, Piano
11/23/2003  Muir String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
01/16/2004  Belcea Quartet
01/17/2004  capsize by sprung
02/13/2004  Ivan Moravec
03/11/2004  Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE (dance)
03/12/2004  Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE
03/13/2004  Florestan Trio
04/16/2004  Takács Quartet
04/27/2004  Krystian Zimerman, piano
05/02/2004  Gidon Kremer/Kremerata Musica

2004-Mamadou Diabate

2004-Mamadou Diabate; Paul Nelson; Balla Kouyate; Cheick Hamala Diabate

2004-2005 – Performing Arts Series
09/17/2004  An American Revolution, By Jay Parini, Performed by Oldcastle Theatre Company
09/18/2004  Emerson String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
09/24/2004  Mamadou Diabate, kora and ensemble
10/02/2004  Concertante
10/04-10/12/2004  Project Bandaloop in Residence: Celebrating the New Middlebury College Library and Inauguration of President Ron D. Liebowitz
10/22/2004  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
11/13/2004  Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Dejan Lazić, piano
12/10/2004  Henning Kraggerud, violin; Helge Kjekshus, piano
01/11/2005  Richard Goode, piano
02/11/2005  Vienna Piano Trio
02/18/2005  Paul Lewis, piano
03/11/2005  Steven Osborne, piano
04/08/2005  Takács Quartet
04/23/2005  Artemis Quartet
04/26/2005  The Hilliard Ensemble


2005-Paul Lewis, piano

2005-2006 – Performing Arts Series
09/24/2005 Kirill Troussov, violin, Alexandra Troussova, piano
09/26/2005 “Hip-Hop Theatre: The Lecture”, with Will Power
09/27/2005 Flow, written and performed by Will Power
10/06/2005 Rajeev Taranath, sarod
10/14/2005 Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano
10/28/2005 Paul Lewis, piano
10/30/2005 Fischer-Ishizaka-Chernyavska Trio
11/03/2005 Dance Lecture/Demonstration with Bill Young
11/04/2005 Bill Young and Dancers
11/05/2005 Bill Young and Dancers
11/06/2005 Muir String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
01/27/2006 Dejan Lazic, piano
02/21/2006 David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, piano
03/03/2006 Mihaela Ursuleasa, piano
03/12/2006 Belcea Quartet
03/16/2006 Paul Lewis, piano
04/02/2006 Tallis Scholars
04/08/2006 Takács Quartet
05/12/2006 Paul Lewis, piano


2006-Bebe Miller Dance Company

2006-2007 – Performing Arts Series
09/15/2006 Tokyo String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. WilliamSunderman, director)
09/25/2006 SITI Company:A Midsummer Night’s Dream
10/03/2006 Bebe Miller Dance Company
10/03/2006 Bebe Miller Dance Company
10/13/2006 Paul Lewis, piano
10/20/2006 Florestan Trio
10/25/2006 Krystian Zimerman, piano
11/17/2006 Pei Yao Wang, piano and Friends
12/03/2006 Paul Jacobs, organ
01/19/2007 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano; Joseph Breinl, piano
01/26/2007 Paul Lewis, piano
02/16/2007 Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Dejan Lazic, piano
03/09/2007 Paul Lewis, piano
03/18/2007 Ingrid Fliter, piano
04/08/2007 Julia Fischer, violin; Milana Chernyavska, piano
04/13/2007 Takács Quartet
05/02/2007 Lise de la Salle, piano
05/11/2007 Paul Lewis, piano


2008-Takács Quartet

2007-2008 – Performing Arts Series
09/15/2007 Cyrus Chestnut Trio
10/08/2007 Rinde Eckert: Horizon
10/13/2007 Christian Gerhaher, baritone; Gerold Huber, piano
10/26/2007 Polina Leschenko, piano
11/01/2007 Alpha Yaya Diallo and the Bafing Riders
11/02/2007 Emerson String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
11/09/2007 Nugent+Matteson Dance
11/10/2007 Nugent+Matteson Dance
11/16/2007 Claremont Trio
12/02/2007 Paul Jacobs, organ
01/11/2008 Takács Quartet
02/14/2008 Xuefei Yang, guitar
03/01/2008 Tallis Scholars; Peter Phillips, director
03/07/2008 Albers Trio; Pei Yao Wang, piano
03/08/2008 Dance Elixir; Leyya Mona Tawil, director
03/09/2008 Dance Elixir; Leyya Mona Tawil, director
03/14/2008 Florestan Trio
04/01/2008 Kate Royal, soprano; Roger Vignoles, piano
04/19/2008 Pavel Haas String Quartet
04/23/2008 Dubravka Tomsic, piano
05/02/2008 Paul Lewis, piano


2008-The Kite Runner (Arian Moayed)

2008-2009 – Performing Arts Series
09/19/2008 Vladimir Feltsman, piano
09/28/2008 Takács Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
10/05/2008 Ken Cowan, organ
10/06/2008 The Kite Runner
10/07/2008 The Kite Runner
10/17/2008 Kartik Seshadri, sitar; Arup Chattopadhyay, tabla
10/24/2008 Lisa Gonzales ’94 and Darrell Jones Dance
10/25/2008 Lisa Gonzales ’94 and Darrell Jones Dance
11/02/2008 Keller Quartett
11/07/2008 Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Alexander Melnikov, piano
11/14/2008 Cedric Tiberghien, piano
01/10/2009 Sophie Shao & Friends
01/16/2009 Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano ; Anthony Spiri, piano
02/14/2009 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano; Joseph Breinl, piano
03/06/2009 Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE Dance One Shot
03/07/2009 Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE Dance One Shot
03/13/2009 Arabella Steinbacher, violin; Robert Kulek, piano
03/19/2009 Johannes Quartet with Theodore Nelson, cello
04/19/2009 Ivan Moravec, piano
05/08/2009 Paul Lewis, piano


2010-Sophie Shao

2009-2010 – Performing Arts Series
09/18/2009 Aaron Diehl Trio
09/22/2009 Classical Theatre of Harlem: Waiting for Godot
09/23/2009 Classical Theatre of Harlem: Waiting for Godot
10/02/2009 Emerson String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
10/16/2009 Inspirit Dance
10/17/2009 Inspirit Dance
11/06/2009 Pavel Haas Quartet
11/12/2009 Alina Ibragimova, violin
01/15/2010 Rustem Hayroudinoff, piano
02/13/2010 Sophie Shao & Friends
02/27/2010 Philip Hamilton, voice
03/05/2010 Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello; Alexandre Tharaud, piano
03/11/2010 Guillermo Gómez-Peña
03/12/2010 Hugo Wolf Quartett
04/04/2010 Richard Goode, piano
04/14/2010 Takács Quartet
04/23/2010 Hong, Xu, piano


2010-Jupiter Quartet

2010-2011 – Performing Arts Series
10/09/2010 Till Fellner, piano
10/12/2010 Paul Lewis, piano
10/29/2010 Sophie Shao and Friends
10/29/2010 Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects: Diagnosis of a Faun
10/29/2010 Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects: Diagnosis of a Faun
11/11/2010 Jupiter String Quartet
11/12/2010 Diana Fanning, piano; Jupiter String Quartet; Dieuwke Davydov, cello
(courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art) (1,000th series performance!)
11/30/2010 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-sop.; Joseph Breinl, piano
01/21/2011 Nareh Arghamanyan, piano
02/15/2011 Paul Lewis, piano
02/27/2011 Nathan Laube, organ
03/04/2011 Sophie Shao and Friends
03/12/2011 Abbey Theatre, Dublin: Terminus
03/18/2011 Big Action Performance Ensemble: Everyone Can Dance
03/19/2011 Big Action Performance Ensemble: Everyone Can Dance
03/24/2011 Belcea Quartet
04/13/2011 Dubravka Tomsic, piano
05/01/2011 Paul Lewis, piano 


2012-Balla Kouyate and World Vision

2011-2012 – Performing Arts Series
09/15/2011 PTP/NYC: Territories
09/16/2011 PTP/NYC: Spatter Pattern: or How I Got Away with It
09/17/2011 PTP/NYC: Territories/Spatter Pattern: or How I Got Away with It
10/14/2011 Paul Lewis, piano
10/28/2011 Hugo Wolf Quartett (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
11/18/2011 Alexander Melnikov, piano
12/02/2011 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano; Julius Drake, piano
01/13/2012 Rustem Hayroudinoff, piano
02/17/2012 Balla Kouyate/World Vision
02/21/2012 Xuefei Yang, guitar
03/02/2012 Steven Osborne, piano
03/09/2012 Sophie Shao; cello; Ieva Jokubaviciute, piano
03/61/2012 Abraham.In.Motion: The Radio Show
03/17/2012 Abraham.In.Motion: The Radio Show
03/21/2012 Elias String Quartet
04/13/2012 Pavel Haas Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
05/04/2012 Paul Lewis, piano 


2013-Inspirit Dance

2012-2013 – Performing Arts Series
09/29/2012 Emerson String Quartet (final Middlebury concert w/Finckel)
10/02/2012 Takács Quartet
10/26/2012 Paul Lewis, piano
11/10/2012 Gallicantus
11/29/2012 Jupiter String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
11/30/2012 Jupiter String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
01/11/2013 Cyrus Chestnut Trio
01/18/2013 Rude Mechanicals: The Method Gun
01/19/2013 Rude Mechanicals: The Method Gun
02/13/2013 Shai Wosner, piano
03/08/2013 Escher String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
03/15/2013 Inspirit Dance Company: The Opulence of Integrity
03/16/2013 Inspirit Dance Company: The Opulence of Integrity
03/21/2013 Nathan Laube, organ
04/06/2013 Sophie Shao & Friends
04/23/2013 Rafal Blechacz, piano
05/06/2013 Rajeev Taranath, sarod; Anindo Chatterjee, tabla (courtesy of the Rothrock Residency program)


2013-Xuefei Yang, guitar

2013-2014 – Performing Arts Series
09/20/2013 The Living Word Project: Word Becomes Flesh
09/21/2013 The Living Word Project: Word Becomes Flesh
10/10/2013 Imogen Cooper, piano
10/11/2013 Catherine Cabeen–Hyphen, dance
10/12/2013 Catherine Cabeen–Hyphen, dance
10/29/2013 Benjamin Gosvenor, piano
11/10/2013 Singer Pur
11/23/2013 Jupiter String Quartet; Kim Kashkashian, viola (courtesy of the Institute for
Clinical Science and Art)
12/06/2013 Xuefei Yang, guitar
01/12/2014 Jung-Ja Kim, piano
01/23/2014 Isabelle Faust, violin; Alexander Melnikov, piano
02/23/2014 Alexander Melnikov, piano
03/13/2014 Elias String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
04/04/2014 Paul Lewis, piano
04/09/2014 Heath String Quartet
04/16/2014 Wu Han, piano; David Finckel, cello
04/25/2014 Sophie Shao; cello; Soovin Kim, violin (Opening Bach Festival Concert)

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