Theatre Lunch with PTP/NYC

The Theatre department at Middlebury has a standing weekly lunch with their majors, and today alumni and performers from PTP/NYC joined the gathering. After brief introductions, students asked these professionals what their experience was after Midd; topics including grad school, acting classes and “day jobs.”

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Off-Broadway theatre company Potomac Theatre Project is operated in association with Middlebury College, was founded in 1987 by the artistic triumvirate of Cheryl Faraone, Jim Petosa and Richard Romagnoli. PTP is an outgrowth of The New York Theatre Studio, an Off-Off Broadway company founded by Richard Romagnoli and Cheryl Faraone which produced in Manhattan from 1977-1985. During its 20 seasons (1987-2006) in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, the company produced 75 main stage productions along with numerous new play readings and late night experimental productions.

In the summer of 2007, Potomac Theatre Project (now PTP/NYC) returned to New York, continuing to redefine political theatre for the 21st century with an annual month-long repertory season encompassing full productions, readings and a variety of ancillary events.

In its 25 seasons, the voices of PTP/NYC’s writers have addressed the necessity and difficulty of art, pornography, AIDS, homelessness, censorship, totalitarianism, apartheid and gender wars, always in passionate, deeply human terms.

PTP/NYC’s association with Middlebury College is the only such collaboration in the country between a professional theatre company and an undergraduate liberal arts college.
Alumni in attendance today, and/or participating in the MiddPAS performances this weekend include:
Alex Draper ’88
Adam Ludwig ’93
Megan Byrne ’96.5
Stephanie Janssen ’99
Tara Giordano ’02
Andrew Zox ’05
Cori Hundt ’11
plus London-based actress Nesba Crenshaw

Learn more about this weekend’s performances, celebrating PTP’s 25th anniversary, via the press release.