Middlebury’s Online Farmers’ Market

YourFarmstand at Middlebury College is now available for student orders!

What it is:
YourFarmstand is an online farmers’ market specifically for the Middlebury College community.  In one location you can order from over 20 local producers with great selection of local produce, eggs, meat, cheese, bread, coffee, chocolate, tea, honey, pies, granola, and more! All of the produce is wonderful for making local meals, or for bringing home Vt foods to family during breaks.

How to sign up:
It’s simple!!! Visit yourfarmstand.com to set up an account linked to a personal credit/debit card.  Charges cannot be applied directly to college budget codes. (Make sure you select the Middlebury College market.) Place your orders by midnight each Monday for pick-up at the Mahaney CFA between 3:30-5:30 every Tuesday.  *Orders not picked up by 5:30 are brought to the food bank and no refund is awarded.*

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