After playing Guitar Hero and developing a split-second obsession with it today, I realized that the medium of the guitar controller is totally different than the stock console controllers used today (aside from the Wii). It kind of brought me back to my Duck Hunt days, when I pointed that bright orange plastic gun at the television screen. Anyway, I figured I’d share that little flashback in gaming that I experienced today.

Another thing I wanted to discuss (which is totally irrelevant to what was previously said) is the totally new platform for gaming that the iPhone will deliver… once developers get their hands on the new SDK developing software made for Apple by Apple (FABA). With its built in “accelerator,” Apple iPhone gaming reaches a whole new level where the person interacting just moves the iPhone around and gets instantaneous results in the game. If you’d like to dig deeper and see what I actually mean, check out this link to an article where this quote is taken from:

“The iPhone’s three-axis accelerometer and touch screen is earning the most comparisons to Nintendo’s Wii and its remote. To that end, Adams suggests that game publishers — and consumers — may want to take note of what’s happened in that market.”

MacWorld Article