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In June 1926, Middlebury College alumni received a new publication—the Middlebury College Newsletter. In that inaugural issue, readers learned, among other things, that President Paul Moody had been knighted by King Alfonso of Spain; a speaker on campus had suggested that anyone who liked mathematics had a “quirk in his brain”; the “question of fraternities, ‘their evils and what should be done to remedy them,’ [had] been a thriving topic of discussion among students.”

The founding editor of the Newsletter, a Mr. Alvin Metcalfe, expressed his hope that the publication “offered to each Middlebury man and woman as good a substitute as possible for the lost magic that gives a hint, at least, of immortality to memories.” Well, for more than 80 years, we’ve been humbly attempting to live up to that standard. We’ve recently introduced you to the longtime caretaker of Bread Loaf, invited you to grapple with the mysteries of Hamlet, and given you a literary passport to locales from the Voter Quad to Vietnam.

We have always depended on you, the reader, to tell us what you like (and what you don’t) and to deliver us news—of yourself, your family, and your classmates. Now, for the first time, we are inviting readers to be a part of the Magazine in an even more significant way.

In 2009, we launched a voluntary subscription program to help share the cost of creating and disseminating an award-winning publication for more than 48,000 readers living around the globe. By making a tax-deductible voluntary contribution, you can help us continue our mission—the mission originally laid out by Mr. Metcalfe—of keeping you informed, entertained, and, most importantly, engaged with the College.

Thank you for reading, for considering a voluntary subscription, and for being part of Middlebury Magazine.


Matt Jennings


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