2010 Fellows

Bianca Giaever ’12 can’t decide what to major in. She is from Seattle, Washington, and spends most of her free time downloading podcasts or chasing stories. Since arriving at Middlebury she’s co-founded “The Moth Middlebury,” a bi-weekly storytelling performance. This summer she will create a radio documentary on the Vermont prison system, courtesy of the Stonehenge Grant.

Maya Goldberg-Safir ’12 is a Sociology/Anthropology major. She grew up in the beautiful and quirky city of Oakland, California. While at Middlebury, Maya has occupied the “Secret chair” on Hillel board, volunteered weekly at community suppers and taken as many creative writing classes as possible. Next year, she will disappear to Bolivia and Israel.

Alana Jenkins ’12 is an English and American Literatures major with a concentration in creative writing, and a minor in Educational Studies. Alana is a suburb dwelling New Yorker from Yonkers.  She lives for family, friends, life, love, as well as literature.  In her spare time at Middlebury College, Alana is an active member in different cultural organizations, including Women of Color and Distinguished Men of Color, promoting social justice, as well as dancing with On Tap.  Alongside those responsibilities Alana is also a proud member of Middlebury Posse 10.

Stephanie Joyce ’10 is a philosophy major.  Although she hails from nowhere in particular, Juneau, Alaska, has captured her heart and mind and so she calls it home.  Climbing mountains and glaciers, listening to podcasts and reading Nietzsche rank among her favorite activities.  Her plans for the future include using radio journalism for community building and climbing high peaks.