2009 Fellows

Aylie Baker ’09 has spent the 2009-10 year travelling around the world as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. On her fellowship, she has visited  different islands to explore the use of audio storytelling to build community and create a dialogue about sustainability. A native of Maine, she was a history major at Middlebury.

Mallory Falk ’09 is currently working with Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools through the social justice program AVODAH, helping middle school students develop creative projects to enhance their education. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mallory co-wrote a musical comedy and led writing clubs at a local elementary school while a student at Middlebury. She was an English and American Literatures major with a concentration in creative writing.

Sarah Harris ’11 is an English major with a concentration in creative writing. She hails from Dallas, Texas. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys playing rugby, working for local artist Woody Jackson, and galavanting about Vermont.