All in the Family
    Three lacrosse players had unique perspectives on the meaning of team at Middlebury

      Pursuits: A Life Story
      Since the death of her photographer husband, writer Barbara Cummiskey Villet '52 has endeavored to preserve his legacy.

        Andrew Forsthoefel’s Long Walk
        The summer after graduating from college, a young man walked out the back door of his home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania—and didn’t stop until he reached the Pacific Ocean, 4,000 miles away.

          Through the Looking Glass
          For much of her life, sophomore Meron Benti has been seen as being different. How she views herself is another story.

            What Ray Zilinskas Knows Will Terrify You
            One of the world's foremost experts on chemical and biological weaponry believes we are at the dawn of a new age of warfare.

              Family Ties
              Deep connections to the town and the College led Kate Perine Livesay '03 to choose Middlebury—not once, but twice.

                Road Taken: Unfinished Business
                Life lessons discovered in a language classroom.

                  Editor’s Note: Selfie Nation
                  In search of the American face.

                    Old Chapel: A Robust Public Sphere
                    Discussing an issue that is of paramount importance to our educational mission.

                      Pursuits: The Shopkeeper
                      Steeped in comic book culture and possessing a keen sense of community, Cade Schreger '15 relies on both as the owner of a Brooklyn comic book store.

                        Return to Freedom
                        You probably know the story of Solomon Northup, the freeborn African-American man who was sold into slavery, enduring 12 years of unimaginable horror. But what do you know about his rescuer, a member of the Middlebury Class of 1829?

                          How He Won
                          Political scientist Matt Dickinson intended to spend his sabbatical writing the definitive work on the Obama White House staff. Instead, his leave year was dedicated to chronicling one of the most improbable candidacies for the American presidency.

                            Bye, Bye Love
                            Breakups are hard enough. But when the relationship was born in Middlebury, the uncoupling can be that much more difficult.

                              The Prisoner
                              Theo Padnos ’91 spent nearly two years captive in an al-Qaeda prison in Syria. It was Vermont that saved him.

                                Editor’s Note: Taking the Ice
                                The editor joins a winter term workshop, intending to learn how to skate.

                                  Old Chapel: A Sense of Belonging
                                  Middlebury's president emphasizes what it means to belong.

                                    Road Taken: Let’s Give It a Name
                                    There is a mountain peak on the Long Trail in Vermont with quite the backstory.

                                      Road Taken: Toward Home
                                      A writer attempts to go home again.

                                        Disruption in the Classroom
                                        A pilot project conceived and led by Bread Loaf alumni seeks to alter our understanding of secondary education.

                                          John Elder Turns the Page
                                          A portrait of a beloved emeritus professor

                                            In Conversation with President Laurie L. Patton
                                            Middlebury's 17th president reflects on the challenges of her job, the evolution of higher education and liberal learning, and what a future Middlebury may look like.

                                              Why Do Americans Distrust Science?
                                              Exploring an issue that bedevils our populace.

                                                Orational Thought
                                                The revival of a 200-year-old speech competition gets prime-time trappings. And it just might change the curriculum.

                                                  The Secret to the Success of Seven Days
                                                  How Paula Routly ’82 and her band of journalists have flourished in a field where so many others have floundered.

                                                    Pursuits: The Newborn
                                                    For an astrophysicist who hunts for planets in other solar systems, there's nothing more exciting than discovering one being born.