Frequently Asked Questions

What is the magazine’s postal address?

Middlebury Magazine
152 College Street
Middlebury, VT  05753

Who receives the printed magazine?

The magazine is mailed to nearly 50,000 people in all 50 states and more than 30 countries around the world. Undergraduate alums, graduate school degree holders, recent graduate school attendees, parents of undergraduates, faculty, staff, and friends of the College all receive the magazine on a quarterly basis.

When was the magazine first published?

Volume I, Number I was published as the Middlebury College News Letter in June 1926.

What is the voluntary subscription program?

Launched in the fall of 2009, the magazine’s voluntary subscription program is a fund-raising drive to help share the cost of creating and disseminating the magazine. The subscription is voluntary; if you’ve received the magazine, you’ll still receive the magazine, whether you donate or not. Because it’s voluntary and it’s made to a non-profit organization, it’s also tax deductable.

Does the magazine accept advertising?

Sure do. Well, the print version does. We’ll let you know if we decide to accept advertising on the digital magazine.

What makes a good magazine story?

Not to sound flip, but knowing what a story is is key. We like stories that have central characters and that tell us something we don’t know. Substance is good; so are stories that make us care about the subject matter. Controversy and humor have their place in this magazine, as well. And, of course, there needs to be a Middlebury hook.