For Class Correspondents

Collecting class notes: You can submit class notes to the alumni editor at any time but please keep the following strict deadlines in mind:

Spring Issue: January 10
Summer Issue: April 1
Fall Issue:   July 1
Winter Issue: October 1

Tips for collecting news from classmates: The best method is to contact classmates individually as opposed to sending out a mass appeal. You can send e-mails, post an appeal on Facebook, make phone calls, send letters or postcards, or ask classmates to put you on their annual holiday card list. The personal approach has proven to work best.

Working with a co-correspondent: If you have a co-correspondent, stay in touch with each other periodically. Touch base to discuss thoughts about your previous column and ideas for your next column. Decide ahead of time how the work will be divided. You might alternate columns or you might each prefer to contribute news for every column. Divide your class list between you so that you are each contacting different people.

Lag time: You will be submitting news three to four months before it will appear in the magazine. With more than 70 class notes columns to be compiled, carefully checked, edited, and designed for each issue, several months are needed for the process. Please be sure your classmates understand the delay and assure them their patience is appreciated. We strive to keep our class notes of the continuing highest quality!

Your contact at Middlebury Magazine is the Alumni Editor, Sara Marshall.

Contact information:
Phone: 802.443.5650
Address: Middlebury Magazine, 152 College Street, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT 05753