President – Kai DeLorenzo ‘20.5 (kjdelorenzo@midd)

I’m from way outside of Boston in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts, so I guess I’m a WOB. I really enjoyed taking Data Structures because it helped me get a grasp for what good programming actually is, and I like it. As you may have read above, I worked with Teal and Prof Kimmel developing quantum computing algorithms this past summer. Two truths and a lie: I started playing frisbee on a team when I was 11 and my frisbee nickname is Koobdoobloobroobnzoob. Just to one-up Teal, I have broken zero bones, so take that. I have a voracious sweet tooth, and my favorite ice cream is Trader Joe’s mint chip. (Try it if you haven’t already fallen in love with it!)

Treasurer – R. Teal Witter ’20 (rwitter@midd)

I’m from Boulder, Colorado. My favorite CS class so far is Spatial Agent Based Modeling because I enjoyed using the turtle icons for my agents. This past summer I researched quantum computing algorithms with Prof Shelby Kimmel and Kai. My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio.  Two truths and a lie: All the previous sentences are true. My favorite color is not teal. I’ve only ever broken one bone.

Events Chair – Laura Friedrich ‘20.5 (lfriedrich@midd)

I am from Centennial, Colorado. My favorite CS class was Computer Architecture. I really liked learning about how the technology we use and rely on daily works at a very basic, low level. This past summer I studied Italian at the Middlebury Language Schools in Oakland, California. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Two truths and a lie: I’ve been to all 50 states. I’ve backpacked the Grand Canyon. I am very competitive so just to beat both Kai and Teal, I have broken two bones, so there.

Programming Captain – Nick Mosier ’20 (nmosier@midd)

I’m from Tucson, Arizona. My favorite CS class is a tie between Computer Architecture and Algorithms & Complexity — the former because it teaches you a bottom-up understanding about how computation works, and the latter because it teaches you how to harness computation to solve problems efficiently. And both are fun. This summer I worked on a research project with Prof Scharstein to create the first mobile dataset for the Middlebury Stereo Vision benchmark. Two truths and a lie: My favorite languages are C++, z80 assembly, and German. I’m a vegan. I have a tried and true method for evenly cooking potatoes in a microwave.

What are the lies? Think like a CS major to find out 😉