How can I join Middle Endian?

Show up to our events and get on our email list! You can find info about our fun activities by navigating to the Events page of our website and you can get on our list by following this link or emailing middleendian@midd.

How many emails will you send?

We send regular emails with a list of our upcoming events and relevant CS opportunities. You should for sure read our emails both because we put sweet gifs in them and they tell you the location of tasty food.

What events do you put on?

We offer tea time with CS profs on Tuesdays and programming sessions to keep your coding skills sharp on Thursdays. We keep a list of nearby hackathons so that you can practice building something during a sweet weekend off campus. We also organize intermittent skills workshops run by other CS majors and sometimes crash the monthly math department board game night.

I want to build my resume with cool projects…how do I do that?

Go to hackathons! You can build something cool in a short amount of time, make brilliant friends and get a ton of free swag. If you don’t way to stray far from Midd, Prof Linderman sends regular emails with special CS opportunities (you can get on his list by emailing him directly or declaring  a major/minor in CS). If you just want to build something on your own, check out this list of ideas. No matter what you do, remember that you can always look super skilled by polishing the class projects you’re proud of and uploading them to your GitHub.

What do CS majors usually do over the summer?

You can intern, do research, work on side projects, or do something completely unrelated. Internships are great if you like coding things. Research is great if you’re considering grad school. Side projects are a fun and accessible way to discover what you enjoy. Finally, doing something unrelated to CS is great too! A huge benefit of studying CS is that you can apply your computer skills to a wide range of disciplines. If you want more detail, check out posts like this.

I’m a first year. What will I be able to do over the summer?

Most first years don’t do research or intern over the summer. Have fun with your first college summer! If you really want to do research or intern, though, you’ll need to be proactive. Make sure to take 201 ASAP so you get a good background in object oriented programming and data structures for internships. Go to tea time (especially if you want to do research) so you can get to know profs. If you have experience building stuff before or are very motivated, try a hackathon.

How do I get a CS internship?

What a big question. For detailed information about steps to work through, use the internet and read posts like this one. Applying to internships can be scary but have no fear. You can practice for technical interviews by coming to our weekly programming sessions. You can practice your building skills by going to hackathons. You can learn about relevant CS opportunities by getting on Prof Linderman’s email list (email him directly or declare a major/minor).

How do I do CS research over the summer?

Come to tea time so you can get to know the profs and learn about what research interests you. Even though the research opportunities at Midd technically become available in January, it never hurts to talk to a prof early. For more information, check out the summer research page on the CS wiki.

What courses should I take here at Midd?

The CS wiki is a great resource. This is a page on which intro courses to take. This is a page on navigating the major. If you’re interested in summer internships, take an intro class and 201 ASAP. Also, remember that all the profs at Midd are here because they want to teach you so you’re more than welcome ask them any CS questions (especially about what CS classes make the most sense for you).

What resources does Midd offer?

Middle Endian puts on a ton of great events! Check out the Events page on this website. The wider college has a bunch of tools here for you academically. Check out the sidebar on the right side of this page. If you need CS support beyond everything covered on this FAQ, feel free to reach out to middleendian@midd.

I want to go/learn about graduate programs.

Check out the CS wiki page on grad school.

Will you do my CS homework for me?

Sure. But we charge $20 per homework. Just kidding. Academic dishonesty is wrong. Check out the CTLR or CS tutoring sessions if you need help.

I have more questions.

Send us an email at middleendian@midd!