At 9:00 p.m. Sunday Night: Sign up to Work At Dolci!

Prep Cooks/Dishwasher (Thursday 1:00pm-4:00pm)

Every Thursday afternoon four cooks and one dishwasher come in to prepare for Friday’s meal. Preparation
involves doing anything that can be done ahead of time, including
making soups, marinades, desserts, sauces, and chopping vegetables.
We always need people to prep, so if you’re free on Thursday
afternoons, that’s a great time to work. Thursday is also a
less stressful setting than Friday cooking, because there is not the immediate time crunch of getting a meal ready for that evening. As prep time is only for three hours,
it is imperative that you arrive a few minutes early and be there for the entire length of

Cooks (Friday 1:30pm-8:00pm)

Cooks arrive on Friday at 1:30pm and stay until we finish, usually by 8:00pm. There are five cooks each week, plus two Head Chefs (see description below). Cooks are responsible for preparing the meal, under the guidance of that week’s
head chefs.

Head Chefs (Thursday 1:00pm-4:00pm, Friday 1:30pm-8:00pm)

The Head Chefs are people who have cooked on a Friday at least
three times and who have significant Dolci kitchen experience. The Head Chef’s create the weekly menu, which
consists of three appetizers, a soup, a salad, three entrees,
and two desserts. Head Chefs submit ingredient lists to the Dining Staff
on Monday, organize what needs to be done during prep, arrange
the order of events for Friday’s cooking, manage that week’s staff, and are generally responsible for the overseeing the entire evening. At least one of the head chefs must be able to prep on Thursday.

For more information, see the head chef
. We’ll often pair a first-time Head Chef with a more experience member of the Dolci team to lower the learning curve, and get new HCs involved. If you are interested in signing up to be a head chef, please contact one of our managers.

Dishwashers (2 people each: Friday 1:30pm-8:00pm, Friday 4:30pm-8:00pm)

Each Friday we have four dish washers: two who clean pots and
pans from 1:30pm until 8:00pm and two who clean the table dishes
from 4:30pm until 8:00pm. Dishwashers earn a higher salary than
the rest of the Dolci staff, and get the benefit of eating whatever’s
prepared that night. It’s a great way to get involved in a stress-free
setting, and to get a feel for life in the Dolci kitchen.

Wait-staff (Friday 4:30pm-8:00pm)

We staff 5 waiters / waitresses per night, plus a Head Waiter / Waitress. Each Friday, the wait-staff works
from 4:30pm to 8:00pm. Their role includes preparing the dining
room, waiting the tables, and cleaning the dining room. The
dress code for all waiters and waitresses includes a white top
and a black bottom. Please, no tank-tops, opened-toed shoes,
and hair must be tied back at all times. Wear comfortable shoes
and get ready for a great time! (No previous waiting experience neccesary.)

Important Info for working at Dolci:

If you do not comply with these sanitation rules you will be
asked to go back to your dorm and change.

  • Always wear closed-toed, comfortable shoes.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and all kitchen workers (chefs
    and dishwashers) MUST wear hats.
  • Shirts must have sleeves (no exposed armpits) and long-pants must be worn.
  • Remember to bring your Midd Card so you can swipe (to get paid!).
  • Wait-staff should wear a white top and black bottoms.
  • Failure to arrive for your scheduled shift, without advanced notice
    will prevent you from working again. If you are unable to work, please contact our scheduler
    at least 48 hours in advance.

If you have any questions about the jobs at Dolci, please feel
free to contact any of us individually or simply e-mail dolci. See you in the kitchen!

Employment Forms and Pay Scale

In order to get paid you MUST
stop by the Student Employment Office (first floor McCullough)
and follow the procedure listed below:

What documents do I need in order to work?
All students who choose to work on campus must complete a W-4
and an I-9 form in the Student Employment Office. The I-9 is
a Federal form that helps establish employment eligibility.
You must bring either a Social Security card or a birth certificate
and picture ID. Passports are accepted as picture ID (International
Students). Also accepted are a driver’s license with the Social
Security number on it (U.S. citizens) or a notarized copy of
any of the above. International students will have an opportunity
to apply for a Social Security number/card. Feel free to visit
the Student Employment Office’s Web site at

All Dining positions, including Proctor, are reported by
the Kronos reporting system, and must be instructed by their
hiring supervisor how to report their hours. If you are unsure
of the pay period parameters, check the Pay Calendar. If you
have completed your tax forms and submitted your Payroll Authorization
Form and still do not receive a check call the Student Employment
Office at x5377 for help.

The pay rates are as follow (subject to change due to student employment guidelines):

  • Wait-Staff and Chefs $7.02 (per hour)
  • Head Chef $7.52 (per hour)
  • Dish washers $7.22 (per hour)

If you have any questions concerning employment at Dolci, please
feel free to contact us.

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