Head Chef Guidelines

Note: These are suggested points for when each step should be completed by.

Friday: 2 Weeks until Dolci

  • Create a menu for your Dolci and collect the recipes that you would like to use.

Wednesday: 9 Days

  • Present and get approval of your menu by one of the managers.
    • Menu generally includes: 3 appetizers, 1 soup, 1 salad, 3 entrees, 2-3 desserts
    • Vegetarian: at least 1 appetizer; the soup and/or the salad; 1 entree
    • Menu should include any side dishes for the entrees
    • Check with the managers to see if there is any entertainment planned for the week that you should be aware of.

Friday: 1 Week

  • Meet with Richard O’Donohue (x5739) in Proctor, bring:
    • Ingredient list, noting quantities (include everything, Ian will decide if we need to order more of something we have)
    • Copies of all recipes
    • Menu

Thursday: 1:30pm (Prep Day)

  • Create a prep list for Thursday and a list of things that need to be done on Friday; helpful suggestions:
    • Plan to keep 4 prep chefs (and the dishwasher) occupied for the full time on Thursday
    • Accomplish as much as possible on Thursday
    • Complete, at least, one of the desserts on Thursday (if possible)
    • Rank items on the prep list by priority, trying to complete the most important portions first
    • Rank the Friday list in order of when each item should be done
  • At least one of the head chefs must be present for the entire prep time on Thursday
  • Determine how much of each dish should be made, planning to feed 101 people (plus any entertainment; 88 diners plus 17 Dolci staff); general guidelines, remembering that chicken and beef are usually more popular that the fish and vegetarian:
    • 40-45 chicken
    • 30-40 beef
    • 20-30 fish
    • 25-35 vegetarian
  • Print out the menu that will be given to diners
    • Make enough copies so that there are (at least) 2 per table (x 11 tables = 22) plus a few for the kitchen (total = ~25)
    • Be sure to note which items are vegetarian
    • If you would like photocopies to be paid through Dolci’s account, please ask one of the managers for the copying code
    • A photocopier, computers, lamination equipment, and colored paper can be found in the Crest room

Friday: 1:15pm – 8pm (DOLCI TODAY! Good luck!)

  • The head chefs are expected to be at FIC at least 15 minutes before 1:30pm when the rest of the cooking staff arrives and remain for the duration of the evening (any questions about this policy should be addressed before Friday with one of the managers)
  • Bring at least 2 copies of the recipes, noting that each recipe is on its own sheet (a backup set of recipes is also a good idea)
  • bring a copy of the Friday to-do list
  • Before cooking/food preparation begins on Friday, the head chefs should be sure that everyone:
    • is familiar with the kitchen, giving a brief tour if people are not
    • is familiar with sanitation and safety guidelines (when gloves and ice are appropriate, to wash their own knives, etc.)
    • signs in on the attendance sheet and swipes his/her MiddCard
  • One of the head chefs should go over the menu with the wait staff before diners are seated, noting which dishes are spicy, contain possible allergens, are vegetarian, etc.
  • The head chefs are responsible for making sure that each part of the meal gets out on time, regularly checking in with the head waiter to obtain the pace in the dining room. A rough timeline:
    • 5:30  -Doors open
    • 5:45  -Appetizers
    • 6:00 -Soup/Salad
    • 6:15  -Entrees
    • 7:00 -Dessert
    • 8:00 -Kitchen/dining room cleaned and staff released
  • **It is very important that Dolci be out of FIC by 8:00pm. It is the head chefs’ responsibility to ensure that this deadline is met. We are lucky to have  the kitchen staff’s help and do not want to keep them any later than necessary.

General Guidelines

  • Before any of the cooking staff leaves (chefs and dishwashers), the head chefs should make sure that the kitchen is clean; this includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sweeping and mopping the floors
    • Emptying garbage and compost buckets
    • Wiping down cooking surfaces and equipment, including the stovetop
  • It is extremely important to be aware of the sanitation requirements while working at Dolci. The head chefs, with the support of the Middlebury chef and the on-duty Dolci manager, are responsible for overseeing sanitation during Dolci.
  • Keep in mind that you are the catalyst making the night happen. Everyone is working for you on that night, and consequently, you are responsible to oversee the entire operation and deal with any problems that might arise.

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