Focus Groups

CSC Focus Groups

In an effort to facilitate communication and increase collaboration among campus wide sustainability efforts, CSCs choose one area to represent and learn about in depth. These groups include: food, recycling and waste, community outreach and innovation, commons and living, and energy. Each subgroup will be assigned to one mentor on campus. Members of the subgroup are expected to keep a pulse of student, faculty, and staff efforts and initiatives in their areas and report updates to the group in bi-weekly meetings. Subgroups can also propose initiatives and projects in their areas for the group to execute. The goal for the entire group is to gain a well rounded and deep understanding of sustainability at Middlebury and where initiatives can be better supported and developed.

Mentor: Matthew Biette, Director of Dining Services

Community Outreach and Innovation
Mentor: Ashley Calkins, Coordinator for Community Engagement

Mentor: Jack Byrne, Director of Sustainability Integration

Commons & Living
Mentor: Avery McNiff, Sustainability Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Recycling & Waste
Mentor: Missy Beckwith, Director of Recycling Center




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