Campus Tree Map

In the landscape department, we manage our urban forest with the help of ArcGIS, and generous support from the Geography Department, specifically Bill Hegman. We have over 2200 of the trees on campus named and spatially located. This is a management system where we track tree care, including pruning and fertilization, as well as pest management.

Ben Meader, a student Digitial Media Tutor, walked around with me and forced me to choose my 99 favorite trees of Middlebury. These are in a Google Maps file, viewable from any web browser. The map also appears below, but is more graceful when opened in Google maps from the above link. This would make a great day of walking, and it represents one of nearly every variety of tree on campus.

Campus Tree Tour


We’ve uploaded some subsets of these maps here, and, using Google Earth they are now viewable, almost half with pictures. (click on the picture in Google Earth for a full sized picture)  There is also a high-res aerial picture available of the Middlebury campus. The maps show up below in Google Maps, but clicking on the KML links below will download the map to your computer, viewable then on Google Earth.

The Maps (updated January 2014):

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