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Main Quad Work In Progress

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Snow or not, the subcontractors are doing the work for the Main Quad Tree Removal. They started by Old Chapel Road, and I arrived in time to watch the removal of tree number two, the tree that was struck by lightening.

Wound on Tree Number Two

Wound on Tree Number Two

Here’s a picture of the wound while it was still standing. Using a crane set up on the road, they tied into the main stem and, after limbing the tree up, cut through the main trunk while it was supported with the crane. With a rotten trunk, dropping the tree on the ground would have been too unpredictable and dangerous.

Stump of tree number two
Stump of tree number two

Here’s a picture of the stump. The hand in the picutre is still on rotten wood, as evidenced by the cracks. The solid wood, supporting the tree, is the lighter colored band of wood on the very outside on the bottom of the picture. There turned out to be a lot less solid wood in the tree than what was suspected by just observation, and I’d never drilled the trunk to feel for solid wood. Not a mistake I’ll make again-I would have removed this tree a long time ago had I known how dangerous it was.Main Trunk of sick Norway spruce

A final picture, of the main trunk of the tree. The live wood here is seen on the left hand side of the trunk.
The workers will probably be done in another day or so. I’ll post some after pictures-it’s staring to look quite good out there.

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