Witch Hazel

I fear this may be the last post this year about things in bloom. I was trekking across a tiny dusting of snow on top of Mt. Abe on Monday after all. There are plenty of things in bloom: asters, Japanese Anemone, still some Black Eyed Susan. But I’m writing about a tree, of sorts, Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virginiana.

Witch Hazel in Bloom

Witch Hazel in Bloom

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Full Fall Color

The foliage is peaking now in Middlebury, and it’s pretty spectacular. My prediction was part true-the color is great this year, but the timing seems pretty normal to me. Anyway, I was gone for all of last week (in the Ozarks and Nebraska, where there are spectacular oaks, but, like oaks are wont to do, no pretty fall color, just washed out yellows and muddy browns), so here’s some pictures of plants at my house that are also in nice color on campus.