3 thoughts on “Black Willow”

  1. Curious what landscaping will be at the newly announced Plaza? Will we have a naming competition for the newly created green space, perhaps we could name it for the dearly departed Black Willow.

  2. I haven’t thought too much about the landscaping around the patio, other than wanting to give some privacy from Old Chapel Road. It will be a little tricky to landscape close to the patio while still leaving room to remove snow in the winter.

    And as for a name, seeing how it is right outside the Grille, how about naming it for the most popular entree? Feelgood Plaza anyone?

  3. Tim, Tim, Tim,

    This is no DYI “patio project” This is an honest to goodness Plaza, with lighting & seating and landscaping. Maybe we could get some alums to donate statuary or fountains.

    We could go with bird houses and bat houses for the eco-green freindly side of life. Maybe even some corn cob squirrel feeders. If we do go with wild life lets not forget that butterfly freindly plantings and a bee hive could go along way in pollenation of the campus.

    If were gonna do it may as well do it right.

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