It must be the middle of June, the roses are in bloom. Go look at the split rail fence next to Bowker House. No, I have no idea what kind of rose it is, but the whole crew here sure likes them.

Across the way at Bowker Barn are some pink ones, planted last year. I know which ones those are, it’s a hardy climber called William Baffin.

White Fringetree

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, after all, it’s snowing in June. Yeah, Lilacs are nice, and the Bridalwreath Spirea was nice for the 3 days it bloomed this spring, but, oh, to have something spectacular bloom in June, when everyone and everything is a little more relaxed, the crazy spring fever starting to abate, now that’s a shrub worth talking about. Continue reading White Fringetree