Graduating Senior Spotlight

Each year, Middlebury College students participate in countless hours of community engagement projects like mentorship programs, community connected learning courses, language acquisition programs, migrant justice organizations, alternative breaks, and more. These students devote their time and energy to building relationships with local and global communities while learning and growing together as partners. As these students continue their educational journey towards graduation, they truly come to embody the spirit of service and leadership through their connections made and the meaningful work they do. 

This year, we’re celebrating the following students who have graciously made the Center for Community Engagement part of their time at Middlebury College. Each of these individuals have dedicated time and effort towards diverse projects and programs, incorporating their scholarly pursuits into their community connections. Though they may leave Middlebury, the lasting legacy that they have created here through their service will not quickly fade and we hope that they will carry the lessons learned with them into their new ventures.

Congratulations Graduates! Thank you for making the Center for Community Engagement part of your journey!

Hawa Adam
Brittney Azubuike
Christina Badalamenti
Eloise Berdahl-Baldwin
Ellie Barney
Riley Board
Emma Borrow
Emily Bulczynski
Alexandra Burns
Amanda Coccia
Lily Colon
Ernesto Cuxil
Melanie De Jesus
Tyler DeShong
Diana Diaz
Isabella Eidelheit
Samantha Enriquez
Sarah Fry
Irith Fuks
Mingjiu Gao
Kathlyn Gehl
Julia Goydan
Meg Haberle
Isabelle Hartnett
Jaden Hill
Linnea Hubbard-Nelson
Rasika Iyer
Simon Jenkins
Madeleine Joinnides
Roodharvens Joseph
Cassie Kearney
Emma Knoke
Sophia Leathers
Roni Lezama
Huiming (Sam) Liang
Michelle (Yumeng) Liu
Masha Makutonina
Kevin Mata
Madeline McKean
Jenali Mehta
Darleny Mendoza
Grace Metzler
Wilmer Montilla Morantes
Kayla Moore
Yamit Netter-Sweet
Olivia O’Brien
Gardner Olson
Meg Pandiscio
Kendal Pittman
Jacqueline Qiu
Cynthia Ramos
Elizabeth Reyes
Patrick Rollins
Jonah Ryan
Pim Singhatiraj
Alexandra Sipos
Miles Stokowski
Lia Swiniarski
Kate Talano
Emmanuel Tamrat
Ellie Thompson
Linh Tran
Martin Troška
Katie van der Merwe
Joan Vera
Nicholas Wagg
Grace Weissman
Connor Wertz
Emma White
Noah Whiting
Ariadne Will
Dane Wilson
Anna Wood
Essi Wunderman
Indira Yuldasheva
Mariana Zamorano
Hira Zeeshan
Janice Zhang
Chloe Zinn

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