Move to 26 Blinn Lane!

This past year, like many other changes to occur, the Center for Community Engagement saw a transformation. Prior to Fall 2020, the CCE office resided at 20 Old Chapel Road – the DKE Alumni House- until it was converted to student housing. As a result, the CCE, along with its Experiential Learning Center partners the Center for Careers and Internships and the Innovation Hub, temporarily relocated to 75 Shannon Street during the unusual college year. 

The cubicle set-up at 75 Shannon Street was standard and while there, the space was rarely used as the team primarily worked from home. The temporary use of the building was therefore quite appropriate for the time being since the space would not have been an optimal place for the CCE in the long run. However, 75 Shannon Street proved to be a satisfactory site for the CCE even if for a brief moment. 

The space was a conducive working environment and was used by a few of the staff members for occasional meetings. A corkboard at the front entrance was also decorated with a cubicle directory and other CCE-related information to create a friendly welcoming environment. Additionally, one of the mini-meeting rooms functioned as storage for boxed-up program materials. Through these and its other usages, the space at 75 Shannon Street was a great temporary base for the center before its move again.

After a worthy anticipated wait, the Center for Community Engagement was confirmed to relocate to 26 Blinn Lane late spring semester. Formerly serving as the Ross Commons House, 26 Blinn Lane is the lightly shaded yellow house found behind Ross Dining Hall and near the Knoll. It has a lovely lawn space with a stunning view of the garden and the Adirondacks behind, spacious living room and conference room, and a magnificent kitchen. Members of the CCE team were stunned upon seeing the house and are enthusiastic about all the possibilities it entailed. 

As the site slowly comes together, the Center is beyond excited to begin working there and eager to see it running in action. The crew is looking forward to the start of the Fall semester and is thrilled about seeing students, as well as community partners, walk through the doors to get involved. On the whole, after quite an exceptional year, everyone is simply delighted to make 26 Blinn Lane the Center for Community Engagement’s home and to fill it up with joyful memories!

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