Middlebury Alumni Educator Spotlight: Natasha Causton ’96

The transition to remote learning brought the crucial role of educators to the foreground. We wanted to take this time to reach out to some Middlebury alumni educators teaching in Vermont and recognize them for all the work they do, including their efforts to stay connected with students during this isolation period.  

Natasha Causton ’96 was a Spanish/History joint major and now teaches World Languages at Middlebury Union High School. When asked what drew her to staying and teaching in Vermont, she said: “I have always been an idealist and wanted to connect with students. I wanted to be able to have discussions about literature and the meaning of life.  I started off my career as an English teacher and found my way into teaching world languages.”

The transition to remote learning has been fairly smooth for Natasha, although she misses her students a lot! For her, it is essential to stay in touch with her students, which she has been doing through video chats since school let out. While she has tried out many strategies to maintain the connection, she worries about her students’ isolation and her ability to provide them with the same depth and breadth of educational experiences.

Last week, a Language in Motion student made a presentation to her virtual class, and she is using educational materials created by another LiM student through LiM’s vitual library! 

Thank you for your commitment to your students and this community, Natasha! 

Stay tuned for more stories from Middlebury Alumni Educators!

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