Musings during Quarantine

Life has a way, from time to time, of re-focusing us and our priorities. For some, this can be a welcome process of periodic self-examination and reflection. For others, it can create chaos amidst an already fraught effort to navigate and survive daily life. And, of course, there is a wide spectrum of experience in the in-between.

This moment has presented such a challenge on a rare scale. For each of us, this means impacts that span from minor daily changes to radical shifts in every aspect of our lives, and often all in the same day – or even minute to minute. For me, this has been a disruptive, but relatively benign experience.

I am healthy. My family and friends are healthy. I have a home I can stay in, food in my cupboards and work to do.

Picture of the moon, by Jason Duquette-Hoffman.

For so many others, the impact has been existential. My work has changed in this time, along with how and where I do it. I am missing my direct engagement with students, but have amplified my partnership work with community organizations in a time that is stretching their capabilities to the maximum. And, in all of this, I am striving to re-imagine community-connected student learning opportunities when that connection itself is most difficult.

In the days ahead, I hope we can see the opportunities reflected back to us amidst the noise, and co-create a rich, robust and resilient re-imagining of this work. I look forward to hearing your hopes, thoughts and ideas, along with sharing in your struggles, worries and disappointments.

If you get a chance, take a moment to comment with your thoughts. Or, if you prefer, send them to us privately. In the coming days, some of you may also receive a survey from us, asking for your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you! Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your neighbors. Wash your hands, and call your elders 🙂 



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