Why You Should Take My Job as the CCE Communications Intern

Will DiGravio ’19 has been the CCE Communications intern since the fall of 2017. Apply for the job and learn more here before May 3.

If you follow the CCE on social media, read this blog, and/or subscribe to our weekly updates newsletter, you know that a lot happens here. Each day, dozens of students venture into our college community, Addison County, and beyond to collaborate with others for the public good.

But, there are folks here who are not on the front lines, who work behind the scenes to support the partnerships and connections that happen weekly. I’m one of those people.

For the past two years, I have worked as the CCE’s Communications Intern.
I communicate with student organizations and partners to gather and share community engagement experiences and opportunities. I do this mostly by helping manage the CCE’s social media, blog, and weekly newsletter.

I applied for this job on the heels of completing an internship at The Addison Independent, our local newspaper. I wanted to maintain the connection I felt to the community outside the college. The job description cites a familiarity with local media, “including The Addison Independent, as a qualification. It seemed like the perfect fit. And it was.

In this role, I’ve published interviews with student and community leaders, I’ve helped connect students with literally hundreds of different service opportunities, and, above all, I’ve helped tell the story of what goes on here each and every day.

In this job, I’ve put together spreadsheets and analyzed data, put together plans to increase web traffic and grow our online audience, and had a chance to create graphics, blog posts, social media posts, and more, all while helping and highlighting the work of volunteers and advocates in our community. There aren’t many jobs that allow one to learn tangible skills while also helping grow the community.

If all of those things sound interesting to you, then you should take my job here at the CCE. Now, stop thinking about it, and just apply here.

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