Summer Internship at Cocoa360 in Ghana by Meron Benti

“My summer internship in Ghana was an unforgettable experience that gave me many insights about myself, what I want to do in the future and what type of employee I am. It also allowed me to learn more about a new culture and country.”


This past summer, I was part of the Middlebury summer program Ambassador Corps. Through Ambassador Corps, I interned as a Fundraising Researcher for Cocoa360, a small social enterprise based in Tarwka Breman, Ghana. Before starting the summer, I had two main objectives: learning more about Ghanaian culture and assisting the organization I was working for in the best way I could. Most days, I would walk to my office, and after a beautiful hike in the jungle of Western Ghana, I would start doing online research for grants that suit my organization. Other days, I would work on communication letters with various possible donors, and with the assistance of my supervisor, I would refine every draft. My favorite part of my days was when I would spend more time with my neighbors and other people in the village. I found interesting learning about their experiences and about Ghanaian traditions. As a result, this internship was not only useful from a career development perspective but also from a cultural one.


Meron’s project is supported in part by funding from Center for Community Engagement at Middlebury College.

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