Student Org Profile: SCB

The Service Cluster Board is made up of the 17 service organizations on campus, the 2 SCB Coordinators, and our advisor, Ashley Laux, from the Center for Community Engagement. The Service Cluster Board supports individual service organizations by helping them meet their missions and responsibly use their funds. The SCB oversees the budgets of the individual service organizations, hosts monthly leadership trainings, and manages the Flex Fund.

I’ve been a SCB Coordinator since Spring 2016, and it’s been an incredible way to learn about all the ways that students are involved in service both on and off campus.  I first learned about the position from being a board member of Page One Literacy, which is the SCB org. that organizes after school reading programs for students in the local community. We were extremely excited to welcome Jin Sohn as our other coordinator this spring after she came back from abroad, and she will continue serving as SCB Coordinator next year. On a day-to-day basis, the SCB coordinators communicate with student org. leaders via email, process vouchers for org. expenses, audit budget reports, and more. We just had our latest monthly meeting this past Sunday, in which we invited Barbara McCall, Director of Health and Wellness Education, to host a workshop on “Self-Care for Activists.” The monthly meetings have been a great way to get to know student org. leaders, and we hope that next year the SCB will continue to expand its influence on campus by increasing programming and learning about new ways to serve the local community.

-Kristina Frye, ’17

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