Community Partner Feature – Wild Roots Farm VT

Jon Turner, of Wild Roots Farm in Bristol, is coming to campus on Friday, Feb. 24 to host a workshop called Fundamentals of Design: Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture

Friday, Feb. 24


Axinn 219

90% of mistakes can be prevented with an efficient design. This workshop will give you an understanding of different ways to view the landscape and how the site can influence a successful design. We will discuss permaculture principles and how to apply them to this process, while also providing case studies of the effectiveness of ecological design.

*Wild Roots Farm VT 2017 Regeneration Workshop Series*
Learn more about Wild Roots Farm VT here:
Cultivating Mushrooms: Substrates & Soil
March 11
Hands on
Resilient Farm Systems: Mindfulness in the Field
April 8
Designing and Building the Forest Garden
May 13- 14
Hands on
Improving Your Soil: Biologically Charged Garden Beds
June 10
Storing Carbon/ Utilizing Nutrients: Waste as a Resource
July 8
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Pollinator Habitat & Forage Strips
August 12
Pasture Management & Livestock Integration
September 9
*Public Gatherings*
Veterans Regeneration Benefit
May 26
-proceeds will go to a local project
Know Your Farmer Market Day
July 8
-sample local food and meet the farmers who helped produce it
2nd Annual Harvest Potluck and Hoedown
September 30
-food, music and lots of family

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