This Year’s CE-related courses

See this year’s CE – related courses below. These courses incorporate partnerships with organizations and individuals from Middlebury’s surrounding community. Courses that fall under the Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster are also listed.

Check back throughout the year, as the list will continue to be updated!

Semester offered Course Number Course Name Professor
Fall 2015, Spring 2016 ECON 0155C Introductory Microeconomics Isham, Jon
Fall 2015 EDST 0305 Elementary Literacy and Social Studies Weston, Tracy
Fall 2015 EDST 0410 Student Teaching Seminar Miller-Lane, Jonathan
Fall 2015, Spring 2016 ENVS 0112 Natural Science and the Environment Lapin, Marc
Fall 2015 ENVS 0380A* Global Challenges of the 21st Century Baker-Medard, Merrill
Spring 2016 HARC 0330A Intermediate Architectural Design Lopez Barrera, Silvina
Fall 2015 HARC 0731A Architectural Studies Research Thesis Lopez Barrera, Silvina
Fall 2015 PSYC 0320 Social and Emotional Development Moeller, Robert
Fall 2015 RELI 0298* Privilege & Poverty Davis, James C.
Fall 2015 SOAN 0105A* Society and the Individual Oxfeld, Ellen
* designates Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster

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