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Greetings Midd!

Welcome to the new Midd Clean bog!  I’m excited to bring my vision to life.  I’d like to start and introduce myself.  I’m one of the five custodial supervisors here at Midd in the Facilities/Custodial department.  I’m working on year eight of employment here at Midd(the longest I’ve ever been at a job-that speaks for Midd!).  I’ve been working in the cleaning profession for about 18 years.  I hold a BA in History and Education.  I also work as Museum Steward for the Brandon Museum at the Stephen A. Douglas House in Brandon VT.


Custodial Supervisor, Dan Celik

Custodial Supervisor, Dan Celik

Everyday is new and is an adventure here!  I’m always anxious to meet new people on campus.  This blog is another way of doing that and perhaps putting  another spin on our profession.  My hope is that it draws some attention and will aid in educating folks about who we are and why we maintain such a beautiful facility!



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