Exciting Summer Internships in International Affairs in Jordan and Malawi– Visit MOJO And Apply Now!

  1. Assistant to the Program Director at Reclaim Childhood (RC) in Amman, Jordan
Deadline to Apply: April 15
As assistant to the Program Director, you will work as a representative of Reclaim Childhood (RC) in Jordan, helping to organize and run open houses for beneficiary outreach, oversee logistics for other RC summer volunteers, and work on program design and implementation of the summer program. During our summer program, which aims to provide a safe space for young girls to be kids while building confidence and leadership skills, you will work closely with and supervise young women who are either local University Students or recent graduates. *Although this internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding from Middlebury at go/summerfunding.
2.       Educational Service Internship Programs at World Camp, Inc. in Malawi
Deadline to Apply: April 15
This international internship experience allows interns from around the world to gain work experience in the fields of education, health, international development and social services while providing outreach in target schools and communities in Malawi. Interns complete an intensive orientation on Malawian culture, the education system and World Camp’s focus issues and curriculum. The next four weeks are spent working at WC partner schools in rural communities around Lilongwe, teaching curriculum to Standards 6-8, initiating school action plans in Teacher Workshops and conducting community Outreach Projects. A deeper understanding of community culture and customs are gained through home-stays, village hikes and optional trips to Lake Malawi or National Parks. **Although this opportunity is unpaid, you can apply for funding through Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

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