UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

You may have heard whispers of it from around the water cooler, or perhaps they were persuasive yells from people outside Proctor Dining Hall. Well, what you heard is true. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is happening from December 7th to December 18th in Copenhagen.

What does Green Career Central say you should do to prepare?

“The best thing you can do at this juncture is to be aware of the issues. Pay attention to the news. Listen for indications of how various decisions are likely to impact your target industry. Invest some time in understanding the issues at hand.”

Why is it important to come together and make a deal for the future? Check out this fact sheet for a Copenhagen deal as published by the United Nations Climate Change Conference. It is a great way to clue into the issues at hand.

For an overview of what to expect, key things to look for in the news, and an overview of the important issues, the Green Career Central’s newsletter.

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