Interview Tip: The 10 Questions You Need to Know the Answers to

Do you know how to answer “What is your greatest weakness?” Now, jokingly you might want to respond, I work too hard, and I care to much, but what is the interviewer actually looking for?

Gina Chung, on GottaMentor,  says “You want to give a real weakness that you are already in process of addressing.”

Do you know how to answer the ubiquitous, “Tell me about yourself?” What about “Why are you interested?

Before you have an interview make sure you look at Gina Chung’s guides to the top 8 questions. I only saw them after my first interview and on my second, I felt much more confident and prepared.

Before your interview (whether by phone or in person), spend some time making bullet points for these questions. Don’t write it all out, otherwise it will sound like you have memorized it. Sometimes it is good to have a “topic sentence” for your answer (ex. well there are two reasons why I want to work for your company) because it curtails nervous rambling.

Also, always remember to smile. It really does make you sound more eager and excited for the job.

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