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July 2018 open meeting

Staff Council update: the July 2018 open meeting has been postponed to August tbd. The Staff Council will be meeting in mid-July for their annual retreat and will determine dates for the upcoming year. We will keep staff updated via email and post open meetings on our website (and blog). We encourage staff to get involved and attend open meetings. Please feel free to suggest topics at scouncil@middlebury.edu.

And…..don’t forget that attending an open meeting is not the only way to get involved, standing committees and ad-hoc committees meet throughout the year and as a Midd staff member you can join any committee. Please consider joining.

Standing Committees:

Compensation & Resources Committee: studies and reviews salary issues, benefits, leaves and vacations, job categories, and related subjects;

Election Committee: conducts nominations and elections for MSC positions including written notification of election procedures and deadlines; validates election results; determines and reviews representation of employee groups with the approval of the MSC;

Events Committee: surveys staff employee opinions; MSC plans and coordinates MSC activities and events (e.g. MSC open meetings, picnics, parties);

Ad Hoc Committees:

Safety and Work Environment Committee: conducts research and examines issues related to the campus as a workplace and worker safety.

HR-6: Comprised of three MSC members and three HR employees whose purpose is to keep the lines of communication open between HR and Staff Council.  The mission is to identify and develop recommendations for HR-related issue.


Learning Lecture at the Recycle Center

Today’s Staff Council (in concert with Faculty Council-thanks for the help!) was at the David W. Ginevan Recycling Center.  We learned all about how Middlebury diverts a large portion of our waste out of the stream, and how staff can best help. Here’s the top 5 tips-

Separate shredding paper

Keep the food out of recycling-use the compost bins (don’t have one? Call! x3087)

Paper towels and tissues are not recycling they are trash

Dog poop in a building keep in separate container

Rinse containers before sorting

Here’s some pictures of the facility, for those of you that couldn’t make it. Don’t forget our next learning lecture, at the Biomass plant May 2nd from 11:45-1:00, pizza again provided.

The outside of the Center

Inside the Reuse trailer-where Students, Faculty and Staff can come get used items for home or office

The Main sorting floor in the center

The one sort hopper-all recycling gets sorted out of the waste stream and put into here

Kim Bickham-Supervisor, Waste Management

Keeping up with Staff Council

In order to keep our ever growing community connected and informed, Staff Council will be reaching out in several new ways, both on this blog and elsewhere.

We now have an Instagram account, @middstaffcouncil, https://www.instagram.com/middstaffcouncil/ . We’ll use this for announcements of events, fun pictures and profiles of staff, and little news flashes to keep you informed on Middlebury.

Also new is a twitter account, @middstaff, https://twitter.com/MiddStaff, where we’ll be posting news and information pertaining to staff life here at Middlebury.

Finally, we are also going to be using this blog quite a bit more as well. It’s hard to stay in touch on campus, and harder still to share feedback and suggestions to staff council. There is a handy link on the left bar of this site that allows a user to subscribe to this blog, so you won’t miss any new posts. Comment threads, such as this one, can be subscribed to as well, just look for the check boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Accessing this blog is a little confusing, but worth understanding to be able to leave anonymous comments. The blog is only visible either physically on campus, or connecting remotely via VPN. If you are off campus and want to read the blog, you can log into the blog (upper right corner), but the blog will now post your comments with your name. Posting anonymous comments is possible ONLY when on campus or through Midd VPN connection.

As always, we are open to suggestions, comments, criticism, and ideas. We’d love for everybody to be in touch and a little more connected together.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance – next Learning Lunch


Friday, October 7, 2011


Bike Shop in Adirondack Basement

Back by popular demand!


Whether you have just recently purchased a bicycle or you are just taking your bicycle out of storage for the year, it is useful, fun and economical to know how to do your own bicycle maintenance work.  This Learning Lunch will cover everything from changing flat bicycle tires to adjusting bicycle derailleurs.  Get acquainted with the fundamentals of bicycle maintenance and repair by dissecting a bicycle and learning how to put it back together in working order. Cris DiOrio ‘12, student manager of the bike shop on campus, will share his expertise on all things bike-related!


Please join us and feel free to bring your lunch.  Please post for your colleagues who do not have easy access to email.


Next Learning Lunch – the “new” Davis Family Library

Staff Council’s Learning Lunch on June 22nd will be an introduction (or re-introduction) to the Davis Family Library for staff and faculty.

Those of us who work in the Library have been surprised to learn that many staff members are not aware that they can use the Library’s resources just as students and faculty can. We are offering this Learning Lunch not only to help make staff aware of some of these resources, but also showcase what’s new in the Davis Family Library now that the contents of the former Music Library are here. There is also a new search method for finding answers to your research needs, and more!

Please join us as Brenda Ellis shows us what’s new (and not so new) about the Davis Family Library and its resources!

Wednesday, June 22, noon until 1pm
Room 145 of Davis Family Library