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More on the New York Times subscription plan

In addition to the alternate ways of accessing formerly free NY Times content pointed out by Carrie Macfarlane in a previous blog post, I’d like to provide a bit of additional information about this popular resource.

Currently, the NYTimes does not have a group plan in place that covers institutions such as libraries.  This was mentioned in a brief comment at the end of an article on Mar. 23, 2011 in the Talk To The Times section discussing the new digital subscription.  Apparently, such plans are in the works, however, and LIS will continue to monitor developments in this area.  Hopefully, at some point, we will be able to subscribe to the Times online as an institution.

Until then, please do be aware that Middlebury College community members who wish to purchase individual subscriptions may be eligible for a discount.  Please see this page for details and this page to sign up.  You must be registered with the Times with a valid middlebury.edu email address in order to qualify, so you’ll need to change your default email address to your Midd address if it isn’t already set up that way.

When the NYTimes announces their institutional subscription plan, LIS will investigate pricing and make a decision about subscribing.  Much depends on pricing, of course — our budget for library resources has remained flat or even decreased over the last 5 years, even as journal prices continue to increase and the number of quality online resources has exploded.  If we do subscribe, we will be sure to shout it from the proverbial rooftops, so stay tuned.



Terry Simpkins (tsimpkin)
Director of Research and Collection Services/Interim Collection Development Librarian


We Have Your New York Times

Alarmed by the prospect of a paywall at the New York Times (“The Times Announces Digital Subscription Plan”)?  We’ve got you covered!  Paper copies of recent issues are in Current Periodicals (Davis Family Library, lower level).  Of course what you really want is online, and you can find that here in ProQuest National Newspapers

ProQuest National Newspapers doesn’t include images, but ProQuest Historical Newspapers does (1857-1922 is here, and 1923-2007 is here).

How did I know all of that?  I’m a librarian!  But even if I didn’t have super powers, I could have just typed New York Times into the “Journals A-Z” tab on the library home page.  For a few more tips about the library page, watch Go/lib (now what?) or consult our Quick-Start Guide to Library Research [pdf].

Quick-Start Guide for new library web site

Our updated Quick-Start Guide to Library Research [pdf] provides:

  • a screenshot “map” of research resources in the new library web site
  • step-by-step instructions for finding journal articles

We often use this guide as a handout in research workshops.  It prints on one page, double-sided.  Please use it and distribute it widely!