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ISIS, Noah, Watergate and Woodchucks

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This week’s Sunday Shorts: President Obama’s decision to engage in an open-ended air campaign designed to prevent the militant group Islamic State from expanding its territorial hold in Iraq has, predictably, been lambasted by critics on the Left and the … Continue reading

A Switch in Time: How Nixon Might Have Survived Watergate

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On Jan. 27, 1969, less than a week into the Nixon presidency, Nixon’s chief of staff H. R. Haldeman relayed the following request from President Nixon to White House aide and former Time magazine executive editor James Keogh: “The President … Continue reading

The Real Lesson of Watergate

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Beginning today, I’ll be posting at U.S. News & World Report’s online site once a week (typically on Friday) under the editorial direction of my former Middlebury student Rob Schlesinger and his team.  Since they prefer that I not crosspost … Continue reading