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Obama’s Michael Brown Address: I Won’t Do Stupid Things

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The sense of disappointment among many progressive pundits yesterday, particularly denizens of the twitterverse, to what they viewed as President Obama’s tepid remarks  on the Michael Brown killing was palpable. Rather than attempting to condemn the actions of the white … Continue reading

I’m Living the High Life (On The Lite Side)

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Look, I admit it. After a hard day of blogging, I like to take out the pool chair, turn on the transistor to catch Joe and Dave describing  the Red Sox game, and pop the tab on a refreshing Miller … Continue reading

What Kantor’s The Obamas Really Reveals About The Obama Presidency

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For my summer reading, I’m about half-way through Jodi Kantor’s The Obamas, her best-selling inside look at Michelle and Barack’s life in the White House.  (Full disclosure: I was asked to review the book for a political science journal, or … Continue reading