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Outline for Security Presentation

Google Apps Evaluation Outline
Topic – Security
Jeff Lahaie – Exchange Presenter, Dave Guertin – Google Presenter, Mike Lynch – Moderator
Thursday September 2, 10:00-11:00 LIB145

1)    Our definition of security – Prevention of access or abuse of personal or confidential data or underlying services by sources other than those allowed/authorized to access such.
2)    Physical security.  Benefits or drawbacks to in house versus hosted equipment to store data on.
3)    Software system security.  What benefits does the Exchange configuration or Google Apps have to secure the data from invasion?
4)    User security.  What benefits are there to the end user and what needs to be done to educate them of said benefits.
5)    What happens if there is a breach? What roles do email admins play in each system?

Outline for Administration Presentation

Google Apps Evaluation Outline
Topic – Administration
Chris Norris – Google presenter, Mark Pyfrom – Exchange presenter, Mike Lynch – moderator

Friday, September 3rd, 9:00-10:00, Library 145

  1. Account Creation
  2. Account Deletion
  3. Account Recovery
  4. Password Resets
  5. Directory Attributes
  6. SMTP Routing
  7. SPAM/Virus Filtering
  8. Admin Access to Mailboxes
  9. EMail Tracking
  10. Account Modifications
  11. E-Mail Forwarding
  12. Quotas
  13. Mailbox Permissions (Full Access/Send-as)
  14. Account Migration to Gmail (And maybe back again)

Outline for Tasks/To Do Lists Presentation

Google Apps Evaluation Outline
Topic – Tasks, To Do Lists
Chris Norris – Google presenter, Jim Beauchemin – Exchange presenter, Shel Sax- moderator

Thursday, Sept. 2nd, 11:00-12:00 noon, Library 105

Features to be evaluated:
1. Creation
- How are tasks created?
- What is the minimum amount of information required to create a task?
- Can tasks be created based on incoming emails?

2. Attributes
- Can a task be assigned to another person? How?
- Can a task have a due date? What happens if the due date passes?
- Can a task measure the % completed?
- Can a task have sub-tasks? (ie. a project with multiple tasks)
- Can a list of tasks be sorted? How?
- Can a task be assigned a priority? How?

3. Deletion
- What happens to a task when it is marked as completed?
- What happens to a task when it is deleted?

4. Recovery
- Can deleted tasks be recovered? How?
- Can completed tasks be UN-completed? How?

5. Sharing
- Can a task be shared and/or assigned to another individual?
- Can shared tasks be tracked? Is there a notification to the creator when a shared task is marked complete by an assignee?
- Can people other than the creator or assignee view tasks? How?

6. Access
- Desktop access?
- Web access?
- Mobile device access?
- Any limitations based on method of access?