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Apply to attend DPMI over J-Term: The Root Change Program in Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation

DPMI/Sitka was designed to answer this question: “What do social justice activists need to know to successfully promote high-impact, sustainable initiatives that address local priorities?” The program includes training on local systems mapping; appreciative interviewing; tools to analyze a local context; stakeholder analysis; situation analysis using problem trees, force field diagrams, and fishbone representations; participatory theory of change development; lean experimentation with appropriate metrics; and proposal writing. Participants are tasked with designing or redesigning a social change initiative that meets the needs of a specific community. They also produce a proposal that can generate financial support for a community priority while meeting funder requirements. This is a 3-week virtual program. You will work closely with local leadership to strengthen two projects sponsored by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s Cultural Resources, Education and Employment Department.

The program fee is $1,000; participants are welcome to apply for a CCE Cross Cultural Community Engagement Grant to help cover the costs of the program.

For further information and to request an application, contact Beryl Levinger at blevinger@rootchange.org